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Exclusive: Clip From Austin & AFI Film Festival Military Thriller ‘Drones’

Exclusive: Clip From Austin & AFI Film Festival Military Thriller 'Drones'

While technology has allowed the military to operate with greater efficiency, intelligence and focus, the flipside is that it has removed a layer of responsibility from those pulling the trigger. We live in a time where from thousands of miles away, military personnel sitting in front of a bank of computers and monitors can unleash a devastating payload on a target with little more than few moves of the wrist. But what is the weight of those decisions, and how does it play into personal ethics and battlefield codes of conduct? It’s against that backdrop that the thriller “Drones” unfolds.

Directed by Rick Rosenthal, and starring Matt O’Leary (“Fat Kid Rules The World“) and Eloise Mumford (“The River“), the film tells the story of two Air Force personnel operating an unmanned aircraft over Afghanistan from a trailer in the Nevada desert just outside Las Vegas. But their mission to take out a HVT (high value target), which may result in the deaths of innocent women and children, finds the pair questioning their orders. And in this exclusive scene we see the nerve-wracking tension and second-guessing that brings things to a boil.

“Drones” plays the Austin Film Festival this weekend and the AFI Film Festival in November. Watch below.

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Looks like a movie about white guilt rather than the on the ground reality.

Takes the perspective that God is judging the human race based on the epic saga of white Anglo-Saxons and their uniquely-emotional tormented souls.

Puhlease what a load of B fuccccking S.

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