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Exclusive: Ron Livingston Is In The Hot Seat In Deleted Scene From JFK Drama ‘Parkland’

Exclusive: Ron Livingston Is In The Hot Seat In Deleted Scene From JFK Drama 'Parkland'

November 22nd will make the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, an event that still scars the national soul to this day. And as you might imagine, the next month or so will see no shortage of reflections on the event, with a sea of books, retrospectives and more all arriving to try and untangle and understand what happened in Dallas. And adding to the conversation will be Peter Landesman‘s “Parkland,” an ensemble drama that explores the vast array of characters who were tragically drawn into history after shots were fired that fall afternoon.

After a theatrical run, “Parkland” is headed to home video and amongst the features will be some deleted scenes adding even more layers of context and connection between the variety of people crossing paths in the aftermath of JFK’s death. And in this exclusive deleted scene, a pretty interesting side note is brought to light, with Ron Livingston‘s FBI agent James P. Hosty exposed as having an previously unknown connection to Lee Harvey Oswald’s (Jeremy Strong) wife.

And indeed, it was later revealed that Oswald had Hosty’s details in his address book, and wrote the agent a letter warning him to stay away from his wife. When Hosty kept this info out of the Warren Commission investigation, it unsurprisingly fueled conspiracy theories about the assassination. Hosty was found out and reprimanded, assigned to the Kansas City branch of the FBI where he stayed for the rest of his career. (via Wikipedia)

Take a look at the deleted scene below. “Parkland” arrives on DVD on Blu-ray on November 5th.

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@MetroNYC: I'm sure the filmmakers and production company would love to have enjoyed an extended wide release, and while I personally think this is a great film, truth is it has had very mixed reviews since its premiere at the Toronto film fest, and probably could not get a decent distribution deal. Given the subject matter, it's probably a tough sell from a marketing standpoint. Ergo, rushing it out on Blu-Ray in time for the 50th anniversary of the assassination, in hopes maximizing revenue during that window. So far, it has not come close to breaking even.


I am miffed about the way this film was distributed..not wide release..not in theatres long.. Now ONLY on blue ray??? What a way to turn people off this film and all associated in the making of it..and now this deleted scene? I call passive-aggressive bullshit.

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