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First Look At Emma Stone, Colin Firth & Marcia Gay Harden In Woody Allen’s ‘Magic In The Moonlight’

First Look At Emma Stone, Colin Firth & Marcia Gay Harden In Woody Allen's 'Magic In The Moonlight'

While Woody Allen tends to keep all details of his movies close to the chest until he’s damn well ready to let you know, we now know at least one thing about his next annual movie: it has a title.

You can hereafter refer to Allen’s next film as “Magic In The Moonlight,” and then discern what that means. The cast for this one is strong as per usual, with Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Eileen Atkins, Marcia Gay HardenHamish Linklater, Simon McBurney, Jacki Weaver, Jeremy Shamos and Erica Leerhsen all on board for the movie that was shot this summer in the south of France. So perhaps a light, jaunty, Euro escapade the way Allen knows how, which sounds about right given the title. And check out the first look images, which feature some old timey hats and cars.

No release date yet, but given how his last few pictures have gone, it’ll probably drop next summer. Update 1/9/14: As you might expect, Sony Pictures Classics will be distributing in North America. This will be there 7th Woody picture in a row.

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Woody Allen's continued trend of cultural taste-maker for a certain set of the bourgeoisie. Another movie set in one of his "golden ages" with his same music choices. It'll be cute and have a little interesting idea but it will disintegrate in the mind after a few months. Come on Woody let's see you step out of the comfort zone just a little bit.


Way to put Emma Stone in an idiot hat.

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