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French Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr Adds To Burgeoning Slate – Boards ’36 Hours To Kill’ To Star

French Rapper-Turned-Actor Joeystarr Adds To Burgeoning Slate - Boards '36 Hours To Kill' To Star

French-Martinican rapper-turned-actor Joeystarr, a seemingly busy thespian, whose work has yet to cross the Atlantic and reach USA audiences, despite a rush of recent films, has signed up for another. 

He’ll star in French helmer Tristan Aurouet’s 3rd feature film, titled 36 Heures à Tuer  (36 Hours To Kill) – another crime drama it would appear (he’s done a number of those recently) for Joeystarr.
Details on plot are currently being kept underwraps, but shooting is set to begin in November of this year.

Aurouet will be directing from a script penned by Matthieu Le Naour, Alexandre Coquelle, Romain Lévy and Mathieu Oullion, reports Cineuropa.

Cyril Colbeau-Justin and Jean-Baptiste Dupont are producing for LGM Cinéma, alongside TF1 Films Production, Orange Studio, EuropaCorp and Belgian company Nexus Factory

The film, which will be shot in Paris, already has French distribution.

This will mark Joeystarr’s 3rd feature film this year; most recently, he starred in The Losers director Sylvain White’s adaptation of French author Jean-Christophe Grangé’s dark and macabre thriller Miserere, alongside Gérard Depardieu as two cops – a veteran and an anxious younger cop – working together to solve an unusual, dark and disturbing case.

That film was released in France in June, but, no word on whether it’ll travel. I’d love to see what Sylvain White’s been up to, and also finally check out Joeystarr’s acting chops. He’s been getting quite a bit of leading man work in France – notable, since he’s of African descent. 

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I don't see the point in comparing him with Omar Sy -like, I know there aren't a lot but there are several actors of color in France and these two have nothing in common at all, in their backgrounds, their career, etc.-. Omar started with comedy and hopefully his appearance in X-Men will give him more serious opportunities.

Joey Starr is like a more serious/less scandalous Sami Naceri, and a much more badass Roshdy Zem. He also had a very successful career as a rapper in the 90's and a fame that allowed him to only pick roles he wanted.


Joeystarr will slap the lips of any man or woman who tells him to dance. He cannot be bought.


This guy is really interesting,
he's got a real talent, he is not doing caricatural character or playing buffoon as Omar sy.


The thing about Joey is that he's getting roles, and they're not Omar Sy-type roles; he's not playing the fool. He's a badass in real life, and they let him play a badass on screen, too. You won't see Joeystarr dance on film for anybody.

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