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Get Your Fedoras Ready, Bros, The ‘Entourage’ Movie Is “A Go”

Get Your Fedoras Ready, Bros, The 'Entourage' Movie Is "A Go"

Update 2.19.14: Principal photography is underway on Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Entourage,” the much-anticipated big-screen version of the award-winning hit HBO series. The feature film reunites the show’s original cast, led by Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven. Also starring are Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment as father and son Larsen and Travis McCredle.

For those of you who were desperate for a cinematic, widescreen translation of the ugly misogyny, easy jabs at Hollywood and unnecessary star cameos of HBO‘s bafflingly popular series “Entourage,” well, you’re in luck. After years of crawling towards cinemas, the “Entourage” movie that nobody is asking for is finally happening, at least according to the series’ creator (and film’s writer/director) Doug Ellin. Ellison tweeted “It’s a go.” Then slammed a Red Bull and vodka and yelled at his assistant.

According to Deadline (via Flicks and Bits), deals have been reached for all the major principles in the cast, including Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven. You can obviously understand why it took so long to get everybody back together, since those guys are just working constantly. In fact, Ferrara can be seen as a humiliated jerk in this week’s old-guys-go-to-Vegas comedy “Last Vegas,” so his career is really en fuego.

The plot of the movie is being kept under wraps but we’re pretty sure that there will be a part where some of the dudes bicker about something, and there will be a few topless women, and maybe someone will do a line of cocaine. Hopefully the announcement of the “Entourage” movie will be followed shortly by a big screen incarnation of that other beloved HBO original series “Arli$$.” Been a long time waiting for that one.

Executive producers Steven Levinson and Mark Wahlberg are also set to return, with production starting in January. The anticipation is, clearly, killing us.  

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Lisa, you do realize this was written two years ago, right? also, Gawker and Jezebel are both light years beyond this site in composition and substance. right?


Wow, another embarrassing Playlist article written by a journalist who should work somewhere like Gawker or Jezebel. Pure garbage.


I know it's in vogue to shit on Entourage these days, especially with its lackluster last few seasons, but stop trying to act like the show had no value. It was tremendously entertaining, at times very funny, and full of memorable characters (okay, mostly Ari, but still). For people interested in the film industry, it was a fun, satirical look behind the scenes that even Hollywood execs admit was highly accurate. The same sort of revisionist backlash has taken place against "Sex and the City", basically because high-brow bloggers have forgotten a very important aspect of television: entertainment.

Basically, leave the bros alone.


The show admittedly has a very "bro" feel to it. It is misogynistic, but that's kind of the whole point of it. These are a bunch of kids from Queens that get thrust into the completely alien world of Hollywood, in other words, you can take the guys out of Queens but you can't take Queens out of the guys. This is probably how they acted in their neighborhood when they were growing up, the show just demonstrates how someone like that would act when suddenly surround by boatloads of money and beautiful women. The show also has a pretty negative view of cocaine, seeing as Vince got addicted and all of his friends staged an intervention for him. All they pretty much do is booze and pot. I'm surprised that you guys appreciate quality television and filmmaking and don't realize this show is extremely well-written and creatively shot. The dialogue has a natural flow to it that is hard to find these days, and I can imagine this is exactly what would happen if a kid from Queens suddenly hit it big and brought his childhood friends along for the ride.

tristan eldritch

Eh, I didn't think Entourage was THAT bad. It wore thin enough pretty quickly, but Jeremy Piven alone made it a fun watch for a while.


Hmm. I watched much more of Entourage than I would care to admit, and I don't think I ever once saw anyone on the show wear a fedora. So that's a puzzling headline…


This article is presumptuous, erroneous, and overall poorly written. Not good journalism, folks! Take your single-minded bias out of it. I could point to various things that aggravated me in the article, but I won't waste my time. Many people adore this show. In fact, Ari Gold is one of the most memorable TV characters of all time and his character one of the most beautifully written. If you're going to write, don't write like an angry, cynical, inexperienced teenager and provide something worth reading. IndieWire, this Drew Taylor guy needs to go.

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