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Has Anyone Seen ‘I’m In Love With A Church Girl’ Starring Ja Rule, Which Opens This Weekend?

Has Anyone Seen 'I’m In Love With A Church Girl’ Starring Ja Rule, Which Opens This Weekend?

There are so many independent black films being
made that for us to cover that, occasionally, one slips through the
cracks – like I’m In Love With A Church
starring Jeff Atkins (AKA Ja
) and Adrienne Bailon.

No need to tell you what the premise of the film is about,
since the title and trailer below pretty much does the job; but the film
actually opened this past Friday in theaters (not anywhere near me for sure) and we are only now writing about it (although Tambay did quickly mention it in passing in his overview of black films
opening this month, earlier this week).

Suffice it to say that the $3 million dollar production – the
first feature film directed by Steve
 (who has a number of
stand up comedy specials to his credit) from a script written by Galley Molina (who executive produced those comedy specials directed by Race) – sort of slipped under the radar.

So if anyone saw it this weekend, can you tell us what
you thought of it?

Here’s the trailer:

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This was perfect, I know I felt tears slip down my cheeks


I find this movie a bad example for Christian women. It's like telling them that it's okay to date non-christian guys and that the Lord will move and flip the guy's views. There is nothing wrong for a girl who desires a man to be a christian like her, but she didn't focus on what God says about guarding your heart. The verses are there in the movie, but I must say that a christian girl must practice being clothed with dignity. I find the scenes where she is in short dresses, being touched by the man in her legs and the kissing scenes a little off from the acts of a true Christian girl. It's not like an ideal dating that God has designed. They started their relationship, based on their feelings, not on what God really says. I also don't like how the parents of the Christian girls questioned the man for not being a christian. I find the movie a hypocrite one.
*Just my view. I do not mean to offend anyone. also, don't mean to judge the person behind this, just saying that it is crucial for girls since it is public.

paula campbell

Loved it. Left the movie on a high. My kids loved it and wants to see it again, so do I. I think everyone should support this movie. Awesome to see a well written, clean and excellent movie. I give it the thumbs up.


Hey are you getting the feeling that PR people working on the film are making comments on this post?


the movie was great i was impressed ja rule did a great job oscar worthy and his co star adrienne was amazing i loved the movie


Wow ! What a great movie! The movie was definately intended to reach the audience of people of all walks of life! It was inspiring, encouraging, motivating, faith and hope based with love for all! Very Uplifting. All in which we do not get enough of in the Theatres! Do see it for yourself.


I wouldn't have seen this movie if it was free. Somehow, holler-wood and film producers think sticking a rapper in a show will make it a success. The premise/title of the movie isn't even interesting.


Wait… Black movie? Because a black man starred in it? Really? And please do not compare this to a Tyler Perry movie… Just hush! I love Tyler Perry movies. This "I'm in love with a church girl" movie… I'm still trying to see how I can get my $10 back. I went in expecting cheesy Christian movie, but nothing prepare me for the embarrassment. I've got no doubt the intentions were golden… But I think the message that was communicated was awful and probably not the intent of the producer. Seriously still trying to figure out how to put into words how I feel about this film… But I'm embarrassed, disappointed, and disgusted by how this otherwise powerful story was portrayed. Cheesy, and pointless. I probably make little sense… But for what it's worth, there are my 2 cents. ;)


Looks completely terrible and awful. And this pointless piece of crap made more money and got a wider release than 12 Years a Slave this weekend. I really don't understand black moviegoers. I don't.


Ja: "Tired of bein' alone." Church Girl: "Yeah, yeah." Ja: "Sick of arguin' on the phone." Church Girl: "Yeah, yeah."

Phred G.

WOW!!! Based on the current posts the film either sucks or is prime Oscar-bait. Will go see this week. Just hoping the Tyler-Perry-Template (good boy/girl encounters bad boy/girl—God intervenes—cue sunbeams and choir) isn't applied too heavily. ijs.


I went to see the movie and it was great. God is good to deliver the bad to good.


The movie was great. Go and enjoy yourself.


I went to see the movie on Friday, October 18th. The movie was excellent Ja Rule and Adrienne you all did a good job. I was sitting at the movies crying and excited about the change lives. The movie actually shows the ones that do not believe just hold on because god is good.


No need to the trailer portrays how sufficiently awful it is

Steven Flores

Uh… why would anyone want to see some has-been rapper doing a remake of his stupid video that did w/ Ashanti that was a bad remake of "Grease"?

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