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‘House Of Cards’ Producer Says Season 2 Will Likely Be The Last

'House Of Cards' Producer Says Season 2 Will Likely Be The Last

Good news for those who think current TV shows stay on far past their welcome, or bad news for those who think “House Of Cards” still has yet to hit its peak, but, according to one person close to the series, the currently in production second season could very well be its last.

The surprising comments came from producer Rick Cleveland, speaking at the Vancouver International Film Festival last week. “ ‘House of Cards’ is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it,” he said (via Gold Derby). “Kevin Spacey likes to do movies and Robin Wright likes to do movies.” It’s certainly a surprising statement, especially when one considers “House Of Cards” has afforded both Spacey and Wright some of the best, most substantial material they’ve had in years, and as far as we can tell, neither seems to be too jammed up with developing films. (Though perhaps that’s a symptom of the “House Of Cards” schedule eating up their time?)

That being said, the contracts for everyone involved with the show are up after the second season, and the suggestion here is that there is some resistance to being tied to down a television schedule. That would also be a bummer to Netflix, who we can only imagine wants the original shows they’re helping to produce to build up to a critical mass of content that spurs subscribers to keep signing up and clicking. In any event, it will be interesting to see how it plays out, especially considering that the show is already attracting Emmy attention. 

Out of nine nominations, it won three awards for its first season, including Best Director for a Drama Series for David Fincher. Again, it would seem odd to wind down a series that is already showing so much potential, particularly as plans are in place to give “House Of Cards” a stronger Emmy-push next year, with the second season reportedly planned to drop closer to the end of the eligibility window. Cleveland reveals some concern that the all-in-one-serving by Netflix didn’t allow for a longer-tail media presence, but “House Of Cards” got the industry recognition—and critical support—most shows, cable or internet, would kill to have.

Much more to come we’re sure. “House Of Cards” season 2 is now filming.

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Jason Sanchez

Would love to see at least 5 seasons of these. Come on! This is the best political thriller since the West Wing. Plus, I love it when Kevin Spacey does the 4th person shoot!

Ray H

With their contracts up, could be that they're angling for a new deal with Netflix. Or they're really done with it. The first season of the US series roughly covers the same ground as the first UK miniseries. Since there are 2 more miniseries, I expected at least a third season for the US show. But maybe they took it and did their own thing with it.


This is not surprising. Ever since the beginning, Kevin Spacey has come off almost embarrassed to be a part of this whole "TV thing". He and Robin must have done this for the exposure and were expecting to add some Emmy statues to their shelves. That didn't happen and now they're backing out of Netflix's highest profile project.

And then Orange is the New Black came out and surprised everyone with how good it is. I hope it wins some Emmies next year. I hope we get some details on Sense8 and some of the other projects in development at Netflix.


House of Cards movie to cap off the series, perhaps directed by Fincher?

nate drake

Well there is a second season. Clearly says that it's shooting right now. Moron.


Good. This show's high ass production budget/star power doesn't hide the fact that it is some DRAB SHIT. Sure Fincher's technical abilities were (mildly) enjoyable in the first couple of episodes but after that it was garbagiooooo. I hope TO GAWD there isn't a second season.

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