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If You Want To See 5 Minutes Of ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider,’ You”ll Have To See ‘Thor 2’ In 3D

If You Want To See 5 Minutes Of 'Captain America: The Winter Solider,' You"ll Have To See 'Thor 2' In 3D

So, with the industry fretting this year about waning audience interest in 3D, with few of those pricier tickets being purchased on that all important opening weekend, leave it to Marvel to find a way to get nerds to dip a bit further into their comic book fund.

With “Thor: The Dark World” headed to theaters around the world, Marvel has already tagged on the mandatory credits stinger and probably other little nerdtacular bits to teaser other things in the ever growing Marvel-verse. But there will be one more thing for dudes dressed up as Loki to cheer about: five minutes of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Whoa! Right? Well, hold up there, because it will also be shown during 3D screenings for the movie. Well done, Marvel, well done.

No word yet on what that footage will actually entail, though FirstShowing surmises it will be the elevator sequence teased in the recent trailer and shown at Comic-Con. And that’s probably not a guess. “Thor: The World” throws it down on November 8th.

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There was no Captain American preview at the end of my Thor 3D feature. I waited until the reel stopped and the screen went black. I asked the theater manager about it and he said there were only the two extra Thor clips during the credits which I saw.

stephen smith

Well ive just been to see it in 3D and there was no captain trailer!!! He is in Thor 2 fir about 20 seconds!!


Can't wait for Thor: Dark World, this Cap America tease just sweetens tha deal.

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