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Jay Baruchel Joins Cameron Crowe’s Next Film With Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams & More

Jay Baruchel Joins Cameron Crowe's Next Film With Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams & More

Cameras are now rolling on the next film by Cameron Crowe, and as ever, he’s got an array of talent at his disposal. Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin all have roles in the wacky romantic comedy, and someone with onscreen experience in both departments is coming on board.

Canadian funnyman, Montreal Canadians fan and Apatow family tree member Jay Baruchel has joined the still-untitled movie. A reworking of a previous, unmade Crowe project called “Deep Tiki” (that once had Ben Stiller and Resse Witherspoon attached before it fell apart), the story will follow a military contractor (Cooper) on a top-secret military launch mission assignment in Hawaii who teams with an Air Force pilot (Stone) to kibosh the operation. Baruchel will play Cooper’s step-brother, with the storyline also apparently including a talking computer and “mystical island forces.” Certainly seems to be a very broad tone, at least on paper.

This is a nice gig for Baruchel, who is coming off the big summer hit “This Is The End.” And with the number of comic ringers already in the cast, this could be quite potent. No release date for this one yet, but we reckon we’ll be seeing this next year. [THR]

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what's poppin'

For some reason (wishful thinking, a bottle of wine?) I read new film by James Cameron.


This will be Jay Baruchel's second team-up with Crowe, after "Almost Famous.'


As long as he doesn't make another woefully unfunny comedy with his frat buddies that boils down to them believing that they have done enough good to warrant entry into their own private Heaven.

I hope Danny McBride eats Baruchel alive in the oncoming apocalypse. (But only after bashing James Franco's head in with a rock.)

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