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Jude Law Finds Gold In First Pics From Submarine Thriller ‘Black Sea’

Jude Law Finds Gold In First Pics From Submarine Thriller 'Black Sea'

While Matthew McConaughey continues to be deservedly praised for his career turnaround, how about a little shout out to Jude Law? He too has put together a pretty nice string of pictures over the past few years, teaming twice with Steven Soderbergh (“Contagion,” “Side Effects“), logging time with Martin Scorsese (“Hugo“), Wes Anderson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel“) and Joe Wright (“Anna Karenina“), and taking a big bite out of next spring’s delightfully raunchy “Dom Hemingway” (review here). And oh yeah, he’s got the thriller “Black Sea” coming too, and some first look images have arrived…

The movie teams Law with director Kevin Macdonald in a tale that follows Robinson, an unemployed submarine captain and former British Navy man who is hired to lead an expedition to find a sunken sub supposedly loaded with gold, supposedly sent as a bribe to Hitler. So he puts together a ragtag crew to take on the gig, and naturally, things don’t go as planned. Macdonald cites “Run Silent, Run Deep” and (of course) “Das Boot” as thematic touchstones for the film.

“They’re incredibly tense, exciting films because of the claustrophobia and the sense that you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be. Like in space, if something goes wrong, you’re dead,” he said. 

There is still some filming to go on “Black Sea,” but you can expect it drop anchor in 2014. Pics below. [EW]

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jude first of all has no ego. i've met him several times and have always been amazed at how absolutely down to earth the man is. he had too big a buildup early on in his career but what he's done is take any role big or small as long as it challenges him. he looks for directors he can learn from, is not afraid of changing his appearance to distort his beautiful face…..the man has made 40 films in the span of his career so far. not a bad record…


Jude Law + Gold + Greed + Paronia on a submarine = I'm there! Love Jude Law. Can't wait to see the movie.


Saying that Jude Law is on a comeback is really underselling how incredibly consistent his career choices have been. For starters he never went on a Kate Hudson binge like McConaughey did (to be fair he also has never had a run like MM is currently on). Sure the mid-2000's were a pretty unremarkable time period but most of those projects probobly looked good on paper. He just had the misfortune of being crowned Hollywood's next big star when he's always been more of a character actor with an pretty face.

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