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Kenan Thompson: Lack Of Funny Black Female Comedians Is Reason For SNL’s Diversity Problem

Kenan Thompson: Lack Of Funny Black Female Comedians Is Reason For SNL’s Diversity Problem

And of course, judging form the photo above, being the comedic stylist he is, who would know better than him?

No doubt you’ve heard about the recent controversy over Saturday
Night Live’s
 predominantly white newest cast members, and the show’s overall lack of diversity. Particularly, the lack of black women in the cast. 

Even cast member Jay Pharaoh has openly questioned SNL’s lack of black women cast members on the
show, saying that the producers “need to pay attention.

However, fellow cast member Kenan Thompson feels differently and said in a new interview with TV
that the diversity problem on SNL is due to the lack of quality black female

As he says in the interview: “It’s
just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones
that are ready.

And of course being the comedy genius that he is, he
would know

But what happens if the show needs a female cast member
to impersonate someone on the show such as Michelle
? Thomson responded: “I don’t know. We just haven’t done
them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe Jay Pharaoh will do it or something, but
even he doesn’t really want to do it.

Yeah, it just might be possible that Pharaoh would have a
problem being in drag, playing the First Lady, wouldn’t you think?

However, Thompson thinks the new cast members on the
show have been great so far, adding: “They’re
all contributing in different ways I think. They’ve been doing great job so
far. They’re all very, very smart and talented, so that’s how it is. That’s the
kind of people I guess that get the job.

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Keenan is to busy playing black women in drag to know if there are funny black women of quality out there because there are. He don't know squat!!!


SNL stopped being funny since Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase and crew was in effect. Kenan is not that funny… He is a non threatening looking black man with a penchant for hamburgers. He is the fat dude who does coonish ish..


HAHA! The sad thing is he truly believes that sorry shyt they bring on saturday nights is funny.


HAHA! The sad thing is he truly believes that sorry shyt they bring on saturday nights is funny.


I thought I read somewhere that years ago when Fred Armisen wasn't working out, Keenan thought he could portray President Obama (before Jay Pharoah joined the cast). And that he could probably lose some weight or something.
I really just dismissed it as a rumor or a misquote but after reading his comments regarding Black female comediennes, I'd have to come to the conclusion that the man is removed from reality.

As for Jay Pharoah not being funny. I find Chris Rock to be hilarious on anything EXCEPT SNL. I never found him funny on SNL. I'd like to see Jay Pharoah with decently written material before I make a judgement.


If they want to make SNL funnier they should get rid of Jay Pharoah. That man is NEVER funny!


Where are all the latino, asian, and homosexual cast members?


shadow and act: PLS fix the commenting system. I'm trying to following FRESH and RAMONE's replies to one another but cant bc they dont follow one another /nest. Please fix! Or change the comment system to disqus or something PLEASE/


I just find that hard to believe…NO talented black female comediennes?


@ Fresh your comment "Go to any beginner improv show/class — the starting point for most people who want to make it to SNL — and you won't see a lot of Black female faces," basically indicates that you think black women don't have to work ethic to go required in improv show/class. It is the typical palaver ex used to excuse discrimination. Try again.


@Nadia and @Jenn … You both hit the nail on the head! And if he's such a comedic genius then why hasn't he moved on to greener pastures? Answer: Because Kenan ISN'T funny. He's just been damn lucky. Let's not forget he started in the business as a kid on Disney. He's not honed his own skills, ad nauseum, the way that Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy did. The only movie he's ever been cast in as a lead ("Fat Albert") majorly flopped at the box office. He knows to stay in his lane, which has become LAME because, as Jenn noted, SNL USED to be all about taking risks and thumbing their nose at "The Man." Now, Lorene Michaels and all the talentless people they hire are representative of "The Man."

And I know a black actress who auditioned for UCB's diversity program, but didn't get accepted. She's funny, and talented, but for women, in general, trying to enter such a white, dominated, field is an uphill battle. Imagine a room, mostly, filled with white guys trying to decide who to take and who not to take. They're ALWAYS going to default to a position of comfort: White guys first, then funny black guys, then, maybe, one woman — who is white, of course.

I wish Keenan Ivory Wayans, or someone like him would bring back a sketch comedy show like "In Living Color." … TV could use some funny, 'cause SNL is definitely NOT bringing it in any way, shape or form.


Kenan isn't even funny, and never has been. Literally, the least funny person in Hollywood. Like Carrot Top is funnier than him (albeit for his crazy botox steroid face). But still. He just now pretty much sounds like the "Clarence Thomas" of comedy "I made the cut, so there can't be any bias right…right?". Wrong.


I think SNL has "Eddie Murphy Scared Me" Syndrome. Back in the day, Murphy basically took over the show because he was the only one that was funny. Since then it seems to me that they make sure that they either don't have black folks on the show or that the black they do have are weak i.e. not funny a la Kenan. SNL used to be the anti-establishment comedy show. Now they ARE establishment and cater to what they believe are white tastes.


Of course! He plays every black woman on the show. Oprah, Whoopie, Serena, Jennifer Hudson, Maya Angelou. So of course he doesn't want to lose out on those jobs. If he wasn't playing all those women, what else would his dumbass do on the show?


I'm really sad to hear him say something like this. Funny that SNL can't find any talented black comediennes, yet Mad TV and In Living Color had no issues.


What a Tom! I could list a number of female comedians who are more than capable but I don't want to even indulge this ole handkerchief head fool.


I think he's rightfully identifying a lack of numbers in the talent pool. He's not saying Black women are incapable of being funny, he's saying that those who audition aren't ready. The fact of the matter is that sketch comedy and improv is dominated by men and dominated by White people. As much as Hollywood/TV has a discrimination problem, there's also a recruitment problem that starts much earlier than the SNL auditions. Go to any beginner improv show/class — the starting point for most people who want to make it to SNL — and you won't see a lot of Black female faces. Is it possible Black women just aren't pursuing comedy in numbers significant enough to make a dent on the national scene?


Ugh, he is the worst, probably the least funny person on the show. But SNL as a whole is just terrible. I would love more ethnic diversity on the show, but damn, how about getting better talent period?!


A token knows not to bite the hand which signs the check.


SNL talent scouts, start looking at SHIELD. They're all over there!


That's one of the funniest things he's ever said, so ironic as he isn't ever funny


See what he needs to do is shut up, sit down, and fill the void. If he's such a comedic force, open a talent agency and help Black comedians 'ready' themselves.


Yeah. Okay, Kenan…

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