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Leonard Answers Questions

Leonard Answers Questions

delighted that my YouTube debut got such a warm and enthusiastic response. Here
is Installment 2, in which (as promised) I answer some of your questions. I
intend to do this on a regular basis, along with other kinds of videos, so keep
writing and thanks for tuning in. Click HERE to subscribe.

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Geoff Gardner

Great stuff, Leonard! Disappointing news about "Spin & Marty" and other Disney desirables, though … boy am I glad I got all of those Walt Disney Treasures when I had the chance. I suppose that the powers that be at Warner have the same thinking regarding DVD/Blu-Ray at least as far as their classic animation library, judging by how few new releases we've seen of that. What a shame!


Mr. Maltin,

Very much enjoyed this video, just as I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on film. I was particularly delighted by the Citizen Kane question and answer. I'm an instructor at a public access television station in Minnesota and fielded the very same question last week, following one of my documentary workshops and a screening of F for Fake. What can I say except that I couldn't have put it better myself?

Ken Blose

Thanks for doing these! It is great to see and hear you, feels very intimate.

My question is this, when will your app be updated so we can arrange films by year or star rating? Only being able to search by title, star and director sometimes limits what I would like to do, like see the star ratings on the latest films downloaded. Just a bug in the ear for your app writers!

Keep up the good work!



Great to see and Hear LM, a very intelligent reveal…As subjective as films are, IMO the film that is the best is the one that does the most with the least…As far as the lack of interesting dialogue, does that mean "silent" films are coming back ? When Woody Allen makes films he looks at the dailies to see what works, and his "patter" is among the best, because he does incorporate it into the script… We need more independent film makers like in the 1950's, they weren't all classics,but they were memorable…

Nat Segaloff

Wonderful presentation of great information. The Hollywood system is not broken; it's doing exactly what it was always supposed to do: grind 'em out. Any artistry was an accident. Never mind that it's those accidents that are more meaningful.


Enjoyed your question and answer session. I disagree with you. Gone With The Wind is the greatest motion picture EVER MADE. Citizen Kane is second rate compared to it.


Leonard, thanks for doing these bright Q&A videos. Honestly, it's just like sitting in a room and chatting with you.
Robert Tieman, ex-WD Archives

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