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Madonna Banned From Alamo Drafthouse After Texting During ’12 Years A Slave’ NYFF Premiere

Madonna Banned From Alamo Drafthouse After Texting During '12 Years A Slave' NYFF Premiere

Always the one to court controversy and attention wherever she goes, Madonna could not help but express herself during the New York Film Festival premiere of “12 Years A Slave” earlier this week. Fresh off releasing her short film “secretprojectrevolution” and spearheading a global initiative to protect freedom of expression, she was spotted at the screening of Steve McQueen’s slavery drama exhibiting less-than-stellar moviegoing etiquette. 

The news originated from this Facebook post by film critic Charles Taylor, who passed along the following anecdote from a former student:

Tonight at the New York Film Festival premiere of ’12 Years A Slave’ (a masterpiece, by the way), I sat behind the unholy trifecta of Jason Ritter, J. Alexander from ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ and Michael K. Williams from ‘The Wire.’ Plus, a mysterious blonde in black lace gloves who wouldn’t stop texting on her Blackberry throughout the first half of the movie. Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and the blonde hissed back, ‘It’s for business… ENSLAVER!’ I turned to the shoulder tapper and loudly said, ‘THANKS!’ and gave her a thumbs up. The rest of the movie, I kept thinking about how I wanted to tell the blonde what a disgrace she was. During the standing ovation, the blonde ducked out and Jason Ritter turned around to make commiserating eye contact, as J. Alexander asked, ‘Who WAS that?!’ Jason then looked down at the floor. His eyes got wide, and he picked up an envelope and showed it to us and J. And it said: ‘2 screening tix MADONNA.’ And sure enough, we looked to the side of the theater and standing against the wall in black lace gloves was Madonna. The worst person in America.

The issue of texting during movies has been a sore point among moviegoers for some time now. No one knows this better than Tim League, founder of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the Austin-based theater chain that kicked out a patron for texting during a movie and went on to produce several amusing advertisements with celebrities urging moviegoers to refrain from using their mobile devices when the lights are down. 

Upon hearing of Madonna’s violation, League took to Twitter, barring her from stepping foot inside any of the Drafthouse cinema locations until she issues an apology to moviegoers. 

Madonna has yet to respond, perhaps because she has too many business-related texts to catch up on.

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This story sounds made up to me – Madonna had already attended the premiere of 12 Years a Slave at the Lincoln Center a couple of nights before, as the special guest of the director Steve McQueen. Why would she want to go and see it again so soon afterwards, and at the Alamo in Yonkers?

jackie raynal

Great article by Clint! So articulated !boooooooooouuuuuuuuu the one that donot feel a movie house is like to be in a magic place , a church, or a temple and have no respect for the "others".!


Insult to injury, her alleged response: "It's for business–enslaver!" It seems that if something is "for business" it is expedient and trumps (no pun…) every other sensibility. I remember sitting in a very stylish cocktail lounge, at the bar, trying to decompress after work with a good (and expensive) martini. Two suits stood back to back talking loudly on their cell phones. After they were done, I smiled and asked if they could take calls outside the door (a few steps away). You'd think I had asked that they give away their first born sons. "It's for business! It's important!" one growled at me. No…it's naked self interest.


It's bad enough under any circumstances, but as a film director herself, you would think she would have enough respect for the craft to treat other directors as she would wish to be treated. The self-absorption is unbelievable.

madonna's music kills ears

I guess they weren't screening this at her retirement home. Either way, she's an attention whore who finally got her comeuppance


the worst person in America ?

not george zimmerman

not the child rapist castro


Bitches please!!! Madonna does not have time to step into some low class piece of crap Alamo theater location. She is a living legend. What is happening here is yet another case of people trying to have 5 minutes of fame off of her DESERVED fame. Get a life!! So she texted during a movie. You were annoyed. MOVE ON. GET…A…LIFE.


They did the right thing. It wasn't one text, she was doing it for a long period of time. I can assure you if someone was doing that at one of her premieres, she would have had them thrown out. People that are there to see a movie slavery are not there to hear someone texting away. It is rude. If you have to text while watching a movie, then wait until it comes out on video and do it at home.


Madonna is amazing, her revolution of love is changing the world. Who cares about a text.

Get some perspective IT'S A FRIGGIN TEXT!!

Jeff Ibitz



Oh dear god this is just another Madonna bashing. Everyone does crap like this WHO CARES??

Serious American

I agree. Madonna is a nuisance. But if you want to stay in the same light, the worst person in America is not Madonna, but a couple named " Barack & Michelle Obama ". They alone are doing More Harm than any episode of " American Greed " tv show has shown.


How insulting to Steve McQueen. She was photographed with him before the film and she went on to text during the movie? Nice. Get an attention span and stop making people have to put up with your lack of one in the mean time.


Alamo Drafthouse, the place where food and drink servers come and go constantly while you're trying to watch a movie. Because that is not at all distracting. Well done, Tim League, your virtue is preserving the purity of the uninterrupted movie viewing experience.

Dennis Harvey

For those protesting that she was just "quietly texting"–well, noise isn't always the issue in terms of disruptive theater behavior. The issue here is having an annoying little screen light in the corner of your vision while you're trying to pay attention to the movie. That always drives me nuts. It's ridiculous that she'd disrespect the filmmakers (being one herself, more or less) by publicly paying scant attention to their work at a high-profile premiere. If you're going to conduct "business," at least have the manners to do it in the lobby. As for her "enslaver" comment…uh, yes, I'm sure her suffering at being told to stop texting was tantamount to that of the slaves in the film. How cluelessly self-important can you get?


You probably should have confirmed that was actually Madonna before you went posting some libelous slander about her. Just a thought.


I bet if someone at the front row of Madonna's show was texting, she would throw a hissyfit tantrum.

Shes a washed up old diva. Miley Cyrus filled her spot anyway.


oh please… cpuld be something important.. M never does that…. she is an amazing woman… strong woman… inspiration


Wait, I thought Alamo kicked people out for texting during movies in their theaters!! Booo!


Whats wrong with Michael K Williams?


She should get cast in the Celebrity Jersey Shore, would be perfect for that.


I will throw down in a movie theater over texting. Test me. There are many, many like me. Maybe I'm sitting next to YOU.


If you're not there to watch the film, give the ticket to someone who is. Texting during a film is like talking during a play. It's rude and obnoxious, regardless of how world-famous you are.

bruno schauwecker

Seriously? Get the F**k over it!


Oh a sad, sad, cry for PR from Alamo Drafthouse.

First Amendment

Love Madonna for this. I don't see angry tirades about banning the folks who reportedly "bawled out loud" or laughed or stood up and cheered during showings of the film elsewhere. Nope. Why only outrage for quiet texting but its okay to have the whole theater bawling like loud babies? Because so we've heard…you're a great human if you adore 12yas and a rotten one if you are "meh." "Enslaver"…brilliant. Pointedly ironic words for people trying to "control" her during a movie about control/slavery….it would be great if we learned she was texting her human trafficking charity/ies (today and now slavery where live humans are suffering) during a movie dwelling on slavery of 150 years ago (where the slaves are long dead). Way to stick it to the PC censors Maddona! Is she going to get the "racist" label too?


I don't understand this obsession with texting and movies – either way. Seriously. I have not felt annoyed by texting from others so far, in common public theatres. Not even notice it. But I guess there are puritans/OCDers in everything. Be it religion or movies.


Are people finally realizing after all these years that she is a waste of space and time? Totally talent-free, all she ever did was manipulate people into thinking she had something to offer, other than her monstrously ugly ego. Yuck. Good riddance, you old hag


Ok, it was pretty lame to be texting during a movie, but that hardly makes her the worst person in NORTH America (yes, North America, you uneducated, pseudo-intellectual Charles Taylor). Clearly you need to get bent.


The event wasnt even at an Alamo draft house ?
and this affects Madonna how ? This seems to be
an attempt by the owner of Alamo draft house to get
Publicity for his movie theater except arent they in Texas.
The man has already kicked out a person in his theater for texting
So he has prior history here

It's one thing if the screening took place at his theater
but it didn't

who else has never been to Alamo draft house
I haven't


Meh…. an article trying to gain fame off tripe gossip and defamation name dropping. Not Original


Their "no talking" rule makes it impossible for the blind to use their theaters – I call it discriminatory – they won't even consider the SAP headphones They're never getting a dime from any of the blind people in MY community.


Oh, she's conducting business? Maybe she should go to the office instead of a movie theater.


What a misleading piece of shit. Stick this rag back next to the commode where it can do some good.


One of the most pointlessly stupid articles ever. Someone is trolling for attention, and it's definitely not Madonna, who I'm sure has never heard of the Alamo drafthouse, and would never set foot in one regardless.

poop scile



So she wasn't kicked out during the movie? Alamo Drafthouse FAIL!


Ummm, as for over 30 years and counting that you don't realize???? She's the QUEEN, she can do what she wants… simple.


So, you're telling me that NOBODY recognised Madonna until they saw her ticket stubs, or whatever?

Seems unlikely. I'm not a Madonna fan, but if you have been alive for the last 25 years she is pretty recognisable.

Also watching a film in a cinema, whatever that film is, involves dealing with the general public and their many foibles. Dealing with coughing, people going to the toilet, people chewing loudly, farting, fidgeting, is ALL part and parcel with watching a film in a public setting surrounded by your fellow man. You can add texting to this (which compared to the above is pretty low on the annoyance scale)

If you don't like it stay at home in your sound-proof movie theatre and watch films all by yourself.


What a waste of an article. Holloway, you need to get a life.


Good article, kick out the texters (the light from the phone IS distracting & annoying). BTW, It should read "setting foot," NOT "stepping foot."


Meanwhile nobody is brave enough to ban parents who bring screaming children to any movie over PG.

Jonny Gojonny

I want her to say sorry for using her phone in my movie theather or she can never come back. Chill out its not that big of a deal, half the time you don't even notice people doing it.


This is the type of behavior that keeps people home from the theater. The fact that it was Madonna, who fancies herself a filmmaker IS newsworthy. She was at a film festival for one thing. It's disrespectful anytime, but certainly in this instance, to the filmmakers. And frankly, you may call HIS behavior extreme, but it's this kind of shit that pushed Alex Billington over the edge and I still applaud him.

Harry Jones

We thrive off news like this, don't we? Fckin' love it!

Mott P

Both disappointing. Madonna and whoever decided to write this article.


Wow, who gives a shit.


Suck it Alamo draft house…wannabe Austin shwag


God forbid someone texts at the movies. Not like she was causing a scene.

Mad one

"Madonna has yet to respond, perhaps because she has too many business-related texts to catch up on."

Hahah you turds…


Really the world person in America? Not that she's right but you're all a bunch of morons.

a hole

are you kidding me, who cares. what a superfluous sensational piece of crap article disguised as journalism.


Poor Madge. She tries so hard.

bubba booey

madonna. Has always been, and always will be, a self-important attention whore cunt.

Reuben DeVries

No, she isn't the worst person in America, that would be whoever is in charge of Westboro Baptist… Phelps guy… he is the worst… Madonna is just guilty of being inconsiderate and making crappy pop music, and making more money in a day then I will probably make in a life time.

D Rant

Geesh… what a cunt.


could have been worse…….the rude pig could have been masturbating……….imagine that smell


I think it's ironic for her to say "Enslaver" since it's obvious she's a slave to her blackberry…


It's "setting foot," not "stepping foot." I'm sure others are covering the Madonna As Self-Indulgent Bitch" matter.


The best thing about this story is her saying "…ENSLAVER!" – it makes me hope the story is true.


I can't stand it when people talk on their phones during a movie, texting however doesn't bother me because they're not talking on the phone.

brian g

My issue with this is that nobody can text in the Walter Reade. There is zero service. That place is a black hole for cell coverage and drains your battery. This screening was no exception, my phone died by the end of it.


the guy who wrote this is like, king douche. madonna founded/funds more than 25 charities that address issues like human trafficking. this guy was quiet during a movie about slavery. you are a self righteous dillhole.


What a crippled twat

Johnny C

I'm going to go to the next Madonna movie that comes out and text throughout the whole thing. Oh wait, no one puts her movies any more. Never mind.

Kevin Kunze

Madonna probably wouldn't keep her phone on if she saw this doc about cell phone radiation:


And…so f-ing what!

Leave the woman alone. It's not like she is the first person ever to do such a thing! If you're going to call her out, then it's only fair calling out the rest of the people that do it. And that's A LOT of people.

People sure do love to hate on Madonna for no reason. I don't agree with calling/texting people when you go to the movies, but people do it.

It's Madonna. She can do what she wants. If she wanted to shut down the Alamo Drafthouse she could, she got a lot of money and power. I'm sorry but I just don't find this news worthy. And banning her is pathetic. Are they going to ban everyone who ever texts during a film. They're just using her name for publicity.


Hey Alamo, maybe you should ban 99% of your viewers then. Treat everyone the same.


Dumb ass! She's Madonna!!!!
She can text when & where she is because she can! Calling her worst person in America!?!?!


Really…is this news worthy?

Madonna…The worst person in America! Give me a break.


Like a virgin, texting for the very first time….


WTF! Who cares! Quit overreacting over pc nonsense lol. BTW, all hearsay no less.

Jason P McNeely

Who gives a crap. This is not news or even good gossip.


What a bitch.

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