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Michael Fassbender Uncertain He’ll Make The Cut In Terrence Malick’s Austin Movie, William Friedkin Disses ‘To The Wonder’

Michael Fassbender Uncertain He'll Make The Cut In Terrence Malick's Austin Movie, William Friedkin Disses 'To The Wonder'

While fans have been excited about his sudden flurry of activity, 2013 has been a bit of a bumpy year for the always under-the-radar Terrence Malick. His latest “To The Wonder” found him getting the rockiest reviews of his career, while he’s in the midst of a lawsuit with producers over his brewing documentary “Voyage Of Time.” But, that being said, he’s got two more movies cooking, “Knight Of Cups” and the still untitled Austin music scene set picture. And now, a minor update has arrived, but the short answer? He’s still working on it, of course.

Michael Fassbender recently talked with GQ as he continues his press run for “12 Years A Slave,” and when asked about the Malick flick, he revealed that he’s not certain he’ll be in the movie. “I’m not sure,” the actor said when asked if he was in the final cut or not. “I’ve got to go actually and do some more voice-over,” adding, “just like reams and reams of that.” 

And as any Malick fan knows, the writer/director loves voiceover, but he’s also cut happy too, so who knows how much of that material or Fassbender’s performance will be left. And with a cast that includes Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Haley Bennett, no shortage of musical cameos, and other pop-ins too by various faces, there is all sorts of opportunity for the focus and shape to change. (Just ask Adrien Brody).

Meanwhile, this video has been passing around The Playlist office, and we’re not quite sure where it originated, but it’s priceless nonetheless. It’s William Friedkin doing a Q&A earlier this year, and throwing a bit of jab at “To The Wonder,” and the tree-loving camera work. Watch below.

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I don't think Malick is making movies for the 90 and higher Rotten Tomato rating crowd. Not sure if that equals a bad year. You hate a Malick movie? The line starts over there. You can argue with yourselves endlessly on why you like this one, but didn't like that one.


Malick's films look good but they are conventional looking. He doesn't take any visuap risks like Sokurov, who really can use images with no solid narrative to hook you in and leave you with strange feelings that are hard to put in words. Malick's latest films have a hallmark quality about them that is very offputting to me.

like most anglo art film directors–like Kubrick–he gets far more credit than he deserves.

Days Of Heaven is a masterpiece though.


I wasn't a big fan of TTW, but a Q&A with William Friedkin looks like the most boring event on the planet. Can anyone confirm that seeing William Friedkin talk into a microphone in 2013 is the most boring event on the planet? Let us know.


If Mr. Fassbender is asked to go back and do a never-ending stream of voice-over in a Malick film, he'll most likely end up in the final cut(s).

To my mind there's nothing remotely "misfire" about TO THE WONDER. Rarely has a film prompted so many thoughts, feelings and interpretations in me about humans, relations, consciousness, or simply 'being' very broadly put. The sheer honesty presented in the film is almost brutal, and yet very endearing – indeed necessary! Just look at Mr. Bardem's facial expression after a wedding when addressed by an older woman – "Father, I'm going to pray for you." […] "So you will receive the gift of joy." When do you see an expression like that on film without it being over-dramatized or simply not felt truly..?

To me Malick is going are truth, unveiling; no theatricality, no pretending, no letting a so-called plot take reigns in a preconcieved notion. Just seeking a truth and honesty, and for that I dearly thank the director for having the guts and conviction to go after…


Fassbender's being really, really disingenuous here.


Seems like friedkin is willfully not engaging with the film in question


Every director has misfires. Scorsese has New York, New York, Kubrick has Fear and Desire and Malick has To the Wonder. Sure Friedkin has more misfires, but I appreciate that he challenges himself and tries new things.
TTW felt like Malick mocking himself. Almost like Anderson with Moonrise Kingdom.


After watching The Tree of Life I felt really stupid, I kept thinkin "am I so dumb I can't understand any of this? What did everyone see in this?!" But then after watching To The Wonder I started thinking maybe this is more of an Emperor's New Clothes type thing. Everyone is oohing and aahing over something that's just not there. To The Wonder was painful. I don't think I'll ever be able to take Olga Kurylenko seriously again. I'll always expect her to start skipping and twirling. Oh the damn twirling.

I hope Michael is in the movie, though, because I'm sure I won't like this one too but at least he'll distract me.


we don't know what movie Friedkin was talking about. It could be To The Wonder or it could be Tree of Life also.


Tree of Life is a masterpiece until the final act, which bordered on the kitsch. To the Wonder was a beautifully shot romance but didn't have much else going for it. I never did truly understand Javier Bardem's role in the film, Affleck wasn't given all that much to do, yet Olga was magnificent in it. I hope Knight of Cups and the Austin music film aren't as inchoate and To the Wonder.

Btw, what film was Fassbender asked if he'll appear in since he worked on both as-of-yet unreleased Malick productions?


William Friedkin is just bitter his career ended 30+ years ago after that shit that was Sorcerer.


LOVE William Friedkin!


The more voice-over you do, the better (Chastain and Kurylenko said the same as Fassbender and they ended up lead roles). So his comment is a good sign he won't be cut.


To The Wonder and Tree of Life are movies you recommend to insomniacs.

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