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Noomi Rapace To Play Seven Roles In ‘What Happened To Monday?’

Noomi Rapace To Play Seven Roles In 'What Happened To Monday?'

While Jesse Eisenberg and Jake Gyllenhaal earned from fall festival buzz for the dual role turns in “The Double” and “Enemy,” they’re about be bested by none other than Noomi Rapace. Sorry boys.

The actress has boarded the sci-fi flick “What Happened To Monday?” that’ll find her playing all seven sisters in a family who live in world with a one-child only policy, and struggle to stay hidden and survive. It’s a fascinating premise from the Black List script by Max Botkin but the red flag here is Tommy Wirkola. The “Dead Snow” and “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” director is going to helm this thing and really, that could see this going either way quality wise.

Nonetheless, Rapace has swooped in a part that was originally written for a dude, so that’s actually pretty cool. Financing is coming together but no word on when it will shoot. [Variety]

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Passion wasn't Noomi Rapace's fault, it was a horribly written script and horribly directed by De Palma. The original French version of the film was excellent, and with the talent De Palma had, he blew it by making it a campy soap opera.

Elliott G.

Noomi Rapace couldn't even handle the one role in PASSION. That movie was pretty lousy and it had a lot of problems, but De Palma's biggest mistake was trying to build a movie around her.

I'm glad the parts have been rewritten as female, but there has to be a better actress out there for the project.

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