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Open Thread: Thoughts On ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ After Last Night’s Season 3 Premiere?

Open Thread: Thoughts On 'American Horror Story: Coven' After Last Night's Season 3 Premiere?

Yeah, so, about that bonkers intro sequence with Kathy Bates… And you thought Django Unchained was insane.

I missed its TV premiere last night, but was able to catch up this morning, finishing it minutes ago; and, well, without fully digesting it just yet, it looks like we’re in for another hysterical season of American Horror Story – this installment in the franchise titled American Horror Story: Coven.

The acting, as usual, is great, which, now that I’m all caught up with the series (I binge-watched seasons 1 & 2 recently, since I wasn’t a viewer when they were actually on the air), really is its strength. The maniacal nature of the stories the series tells is helped by the the fact that the actors are convincing and engaging. In the hands of lesser talents, American Horror Story might play more like chintzy spectacle. 

Not to say that the writing isn’t fine… but you need actors who can really sell the wackiness of it all. And these actors (especially the core, from season 1 to the current) do, in my not-so humble opinion.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a perfect beginning, and I took issue with a few things, but I won’t nitpick… yet. I’ll be back for episode 2. I’m certainly curious to see what’s done with Marie Laveau’s (Angela Bassett’s) story, and how matters of race, slavery, oppression and Voodoo are handled throughout. And I’m sure we’ll be talking about some, or all of those issues as the season progresses. 

For now, your thoughts? Reactions? Likes? Dislikes? Concerns?

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I am disappointed with season 2 so far, so.. not really far, only two episodes :(
Season 1 i thought was VERY GOOD, season 2, meh.. was nice but not as nice as season 1. Its just that i dont like that they changed the whole atmosphere, it lost most of its rare darkness that i liked about season 1. And come on man, i mean.. witches?? really!?

I will watch the next episodes but i doubt i will watch this whole season, really hope it gets better in the middle :(


I saw almost all the promos, so i thought i had ruined it for myself. Boy, was i surprised! Kathy's character is something else, made my body squirm, especially the parts where they tear up the man's pancreas. Yes, I was waiting for Angela to show up, I guess we will see more of her in the following episodes, she is billed as a 'Special Guest Star' after all. I love the new season. I love the comedy, which is a welcome spice to the show. Asylum was incredibly dark indeed and the first season was spooky as crazy! Yes, I agree with Tambay, the writing is not ahmazing, but in the hands of the spot on actors they have, they sell the crazy very well, especially Jessica Lange, who i admit i knew not of till I started the first season two years ago. Then, curious me, I looked her up and realised that she is equated to Meryl Streep. So, I am very excited for the next 12 episodes to come. I cant help it, i'm a Ryan Murphy fan.


Very interesting. I will stick around for a while.


I for one loved it! I liked this better than the first 2 seasons.


Interesting start to " Coven." I thought Sarah Paulson stole the show in Season 2, so I am back to see her… But the first episode was not as tense as I would have expected, but I will stick around to see what happens…

SK Abaka

The intro was graphic but necessary in order to understand The revenge Marie Laveau/Angela Bassett will exact on that ass using indigenous African Religion.


I was sure if i could . Me and horror dont mix. I came for Angela and Kathy and Jessica and they delivered. That the beginning plus the bus and hospital scenes were woah. I'm in i'm SO in.


I loved it. The beginning won me over. It was visceral. They went there and I'm glad they did. It was like MANDINGO, DJANGO & CARRIE (the original) all rolled up into one. I kept waiting for Angela Bassett to appear and when she did, she didn't disappoint even though she was underused. It'll be interesting to see how the coven grows. The whole jock/rape/revenge subplot lost me though, I was like "huh?" Otherwise great season opener. My last thought as I watched was " strong writing, strong acting, okay direction…."

Pamela Price

the character kathy Bates is playing is my best friends Great Great Aunt. We have stayed in the girls school (which is now a hotel) and stayed up all night trying to get her to come and 'play' LOL LOL It was fun to watch it.

Vanessa Martinez

I haven't watched seasons 1 & 2. I was told by a good friend, who gave me a general scoop of the seasons so far, that I didn't need to. Last night premiere's was ok I guess. I probably needed to watch the first 2 seasons to fully appreciate it. I didn't care for the young teen witches, the whole rape and vengeance scenes and so forth. Also, that scene with Kathy Bates' character torturing that slave bothered me for reasons I can't quite articulate at this moment, but maybe I'm being hypersensitive about it. I'll try to watch the second episode. I liked seeing the veteran actresses in it.

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