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Oscar Qualifying Engagement For “The Legend Of Sarila”

Oscar Qualifying Engagement For "The Legend Of Sarila"

Phase 4 Films is releasing the Canadian animated feature The Legend Of Sarila on Friday, November 1st, for an Oscar-qualifying run at the Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles.  

It’s the story of three young Inuit in search of the promised land of Sarila, hoping to save their clan from famine. The film was directed by Nancy Florence Savard and features the voices of Christopher Plummer, Rachelle Lefevre, Dustin Milligan and Genevieve Bujold. Here’s the trailer: 

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You've misspelled the title- it's Sarila, not Sarlia

Looks pretty good to me


I guess if Disney can have their voodoo magic nonsense, Canada can have their Indian shaman hocus pocus.

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