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Pierce Gagnon Will Play Halle Berry’s Son In Her TV Series ‘Extant’

Pierce Gagnon Will Play Halle Berry’s Son In Her TV Series ‘Extant’

I can already see your comments. Can’t wait to hear
what you all are going to say about this.

It’s been announced that Pierce Gagnon, who had a major role in the sci-fi hit Looper, has been cast as Halle Berry’s son in her CBS summer 2014 sci-fi TV series, Extant, to be executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Berry.

In the show, Berry will play ”an astronaut trying to reconnect
with her family when she returns after a year in outer space and her experiences
lead to events that ultimately change the course of human history.

Gagnon is playing her son “who
is more than he appears to be.

According to the press announcement, Gagnon was cast after “a
worldwide search for an actor to play the part.

O.K. let’s hear your comments.

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Linda long

Didn’t think about the color
Didn’t think about the child’s color, just how bad of an actress Halle is!!!


Seems like anytime someone mentions color that means they are racists. I think Ethan is the perfect pick because he is an amazing actor and he's so stinkin cute. What he looks like matters because in the show he is supposed to look human and his parents want him to fit in as much as possible…… That's all.


I think this child is so very cute and he deserves an Emmy for his excellent acting. This kid has a great future!


This is the most ignorant article. It is 2014. Does it matter who plays her son? The husband in the show is a white man. Her mom is white. Have you seen her kids in real life? Then ok. The child fits perfect as her son and I think they favor and it's believeable since she is mixed.


Yes, this kid definitely looks like his mom could be Halle Berry and father caucasian. He has olive skin and he looks mixed, but so what? There are lots of fully caucasian actors with various skin-tones too, so why not let a mixed race actor get roles too? JS

Santipa Earth

Pierce looks exactly like my brother's grandchildren. My brother is a light-skinned black, and his ex-wife is white (from Brazil). Their grandchildren have lime-green colored eyes, olive skin-color with thick, curly hair. National Geographic view of what humans will look like in 2050 was a bit off…the future has arrived. Does this mean racism is here to stay?

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So Halle Berry's child in this show is racially ambiguous just like her child in real life….cool.

Big deal. Pick your battles ppl….I'm glad to hear my girl Halle is coming to TV.


That little boy was terrifying in Looper when he got his "mad" on.


I don't mean to spoil Sergio's fun, but since it hasn't been mentioned in 50+ comments, the son is actually an android.


I have the feeling that many of these comments defending the casting of this Irish looking boy are coming from black folks who would love nothing more than to have white offspring. Yes, there are black people who look forward to some interracial Utopia where everybody is "beige." The reality is that 46 years after interracial marriage became legal in every state, nearly 98% of whites will choose a white spouse. White folks are not nearly as obsessed with race mixing as we are. The so-called one drop rule is just a way to keep the white race "pure." It is one of the fundamental principles of white supremacy and it is shameful that black folks think there is something positive about it. Hypodescent is the automatic assigning of mixed race children to the race of the "subordinate" parent. It has been practiced in this country for 400 years.

Agent K

Over 40 comments already?

Keep It Real

1. Halle Berry – Great Actress
2. Pierce Gagnon – Was amazing in Looper, good actor

The actual issue – Need more young "Black" child stars in Hollywood alongside adult movie stars where storylines aren't stereotypical & reinforce a negative influence, even on comedic connotations however subtle.

Interesting how it's stated “a worldwide search for an actor to play the part.” – Almost like they knew controversial opinions was likely to ensue (or maybe thats me other thinking maybe…) End of the day Halle seems to be executive on this show so if its not just a vanity title then i'm sure she had a say in casting & evidently wasn't thinking too much on race but they boys talent which i guess shined.

But i do believe with great power comes great influence as well as responsibility so when in these positions it's good to help your own as we need some promising young actors and there are many out there not getting any shine and some are good enough. Yes Halle's daughter could easily be Gagnon brother but he is not, born American with french background of parents (caucasian) lets be real it wasn't just talent he looked the part also. Image is everything and personally they played on that fact on her daughter. Having a darker complexion of a black child arguably wouldn't get as much a look in – Hollywood is complex in its 'controversy sells' get up they like to stir things up in the black community never staying in one lane so you can catch them out they got a answer for everything.




Btw, In the movie, "Things we lost in the fire", Halle's character is married and has children with a character played by David Duchovny and there was no problem finding children who were clearly multiracial.


Black? White? Nah Sergio, that kid looks Dominican. Which means he's not black at all, right Serge? No better yet he looks Haitian and French. Nope, that kid looks Brazilian, a little Greek perhaps. Actually, he looks Vulcan mixed with a little Carebear. That's why he's got that "good" hair. Look I rhymed! God this is so dumb…


I will answer your question as soon as you point me to the incriminating evidence that the son has to be Charles instead of Obama

Lawrence Lee Wallace

Really excited to see another Sci-Fi fantasy series with a black person in the lead. I think Halle will be great.


They should cast Grumpy Cat as baby daddy.


Judging by other pictures of the kid, he could definitely be 1/4 black. What's really interesting to me is that this could mean that Halle herself is playing a biracial woman, which she hasn't done that many times before. Usually if you're part-black you play full-black unless it's a part of the story. Take from that what you will.



Do you think so lowly of the commenters?
We all know how genetics works. The kid could easily pass as Halle berry's son. Period


DISCLAMER: I am not a genetic scientist nor an anthropologist.

But this is BULLSH*T! I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.

Opps… forgive me for channeling that guy from the movie "Network" but is anyone else growing tired of the media's continuing one-sided version of Michael Jackson's "We Are The World… and it makes no difference if you're black or white"? Well… I don't know if he wrote "We Are The World" but check out the lyrics from his "Black or White" song:

"I took my baby on a Saturday bang. "Boy is that girl with you?" Yes we're one and the same. Now I believe in miracles and a miracle has happened tonight, but if you're thinkin' about my baby, it doesn't matter if it's black or white." ~MJ

See, that's what I'm talking about. What… how did y'all interpret those lyrics?

Well, it's clear to me that Michael and this women were screwing around (he banged her). By-n-by a baby popped out. Now, the babies color immediately comes into question. Michael, defending his child like any man would do, grabbed his crouch, did the moon walk and screamed "IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IF HE'S BLACK OR WHITE…"

Yes sir, now we're talking about something that's weighing heavy on my mind. That is, since the conversation is centered on mixing cream in the coffee, who says Halle's baby couldn't look like Leon, Kunta Kinte or Webster? Hey, I am serious, I know a few black men who have black mothers and white fathers, they look like Willie Mays.

I know… I know, mommas baby and daddies maybe, but I'm just sayin'… there's absolutely nothing wrong with Halle's baby poppin' out looking like LaVar Burton.

Emanuel B

Good for him! He was amazing in Looper. Stole every scene he was in.


The problem with being a shit disturber is the indelible stink on the perpetrator.

Nothing To See Here

So what's the controversy here? Apparently, this child is playing the son of an interracial couple. Big deal. The kid was great in Looper and he looks like he could play the part of a child born to one white and one bi-racial parent. Have you seen her daughter, Nahla? She has blonde hair and blue eyes (and she's just so stinkin' cute – not relevant, just had to say).

C'mon, Sergio. Give us a little more credit than to think we're going to rail against something as unremarkable and benign as this. *Nothing to see here*


Ummm….what should be said? I have a Great Nephew that favors him. Wow when will we get over the dumbshat!


i agree with all the "this is not note-worthy" commentator below, and i want to add that this kid gave a REMARKABLE performance in LOOPER, an otherwise disappointingly unremarkable film, imo. jus' sayin'

Walter Harris Gavin

His "look" really doesn't matter. According to the 'one drop rule', he's still "black." And if he doesn't 'pass' will be looked upon by the larger society in that light. But it would have been really different if the kid did look "African," particularly if the father looked "white." That would have spoken volumes, without saying a word.

So what?

So what?

Halle Berry is mixed. You do the genetic math.

The political choices leading to the casting matter though. But again whatever. It's all a business. The business of film is not a social cause.


I see no issue with this assuming that Halle Berry's husband is White in the show and considering she's biracial then the child may look like this plus this kid has sort of a brownish tint LOL. Plus have you seen Looper that little kid can play weird!


” an astronaut trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space and her experiences lead to events that ultimately change the course of human history” Hmmm….hopefully the petty preoccupation of who people partner with and what their kids look like will be one of the first on the list.


I understand why Sergio would expect a negative response but I agree with the other commentors. I'd assumed that a t.v. show starring Halle Berry would most likely not have a black male playing her husband/love interest because that's just how Hollywood works. Can't have too many black folks in one show because then it becomes a "black" show. Moreover, I think we all need to start embracing the idea that there's an increasing biracial population in this country that, like all other demographics, should be represented in our entertainment. The more I think about it, the more that I like that this child was cast. What would bother me was if the show had a black male lead and a non-black female love interest because I feel there's currently a conscious rejection in Hollywood of brown-skinned women, especially in love interest roles (Kerry Washington in Scandal is an exception).


Why are you anticipating a certain type of comment? Unless Halle's husband in the show is Black, having a child looking like this isn't out of the question for someone of mixed heritage like Halle. I know you've seen Paula Patton's son. Even though she's biracial and her husband is White, Black people are absolutely stunned that her son doesn't look Black. How shocking that a child that has 3 White grandparents and 1 Black grandparent has white skin and blonde hair!

Geneva Girl

Okay, let me try to be a voice of reason. Berry is bi-racial and if her character's husband is white or hispanic this child would be appropriate. I have friends whose bi-racial children are blond. So, it's possible that he would look like this little actor.

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