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Podcast: The Playlist Talks ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale & Where The Medium Of Television Is Heading

Podcast: The Playlist Talks 'Breaking Bad' Finale & Where The Medium Of Television Is Heading

On this latest episode, host Erik McClanahan is joined by Editor-In-Chief Rodrigo
, Managing Editor Kevin Jagernauth, our British correspondent Oliver Lyttelton,
and later in the show by writer Cory Everett to talk about the recent “Breaking Bad” finale. But since we’ve already written about the episode, we try to dig deeper and do more than just recap the finale. Throughout the chat we spin off into other, grander topics involving television as well. How is the medium changing with streaming, binge watching and recaps on every site? Even though most people agree this is a golden age of television, there’s still plenty of formulaic material and tired tropes found in even the best shows, “Breaking Bad” included. Warning, SPOILERS abound in this podcast so don’t listen unless you’ve already seen the finale or don’t care.

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Did anyone notice that Walt did lied to me in the series finale? About the 'money' you mo fo's, he lied that all of it is gone, when in fact he arranged it with that bitch Gretchen!

Ken Guidry

If this is just 80 minutes of you guys whining about the finale, then I don't know if I can take it! I kid, I kid…


it's not on itunes…

Ryan O.

I agree that the neo-nazis certainly just appeared and don't stack up against an adversary like Gus, but I think that's even more irony. Walt had been carefully building his empire, and outsmarted every adversary in his path, but the nazis, as flat they are, found Walt's Achilles heel: his family. He turned his back and got blind-sided by greed (Jesse claiming he found his money), and he paid for it. He was going quietly, like a man (with his one code) who had admitted it was beat.

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