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Sam Worthington Says ‘Avatar 2’ Will Finally Start Shooting In October 2014

Sam Worthington Says 'Avatar 2' Will Finally Start Shooting In October 2014

Well, we’re now four years on from the arrival of James Cameron‘s “Avatar,” with the eco-message blockbuster ushering in the 3D age for good, and becoming a worldwide phenomenon in the process. And yet, getting a sequel in front of cameras has proven to take longer than expected. In 2010, it was announced that “Avatar 2” would arrive for 2014, but two years later Cameron’s producer Jon Landau said that target probably wasn’t going to be hit, and he offered up 2016 as a likely slot for the followup. And it seems that’s a realistic goal

While James Cameron has said that he was aiming to shoot “Avatar 2” by the end of this year (clearly, that’s not happening), Sam Worthington reportedly revealed an October 2014 production kickoff for the sequel when he stopped by a radio station in Australia. Sorry, we don’t have a quote to put up and the radio show has only hustled to make this lame clip of the hosts quizzing the actor in relation to his girlfriend, available for the moment, though Yahoo did add that Worthington said that Cameron was “building the ship to Pandora.” Whatever that means.

Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno, are the quartet of talent tasked with working with Cameron in penning the three confirmed sequels. Their goal? To make sure it doesn’t go all “The Matrix: Reloaded” on us.

So, we’ll see if this projected start holds or if Cameron will need more time to play with technology and do more research or whatever. But we will say, with each passing year, we’re getting less and less interested in this one. Cameron, however, is one that you can never count out. [via Collider]

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Once the awe of the first films visuals wore off after a second viewing, its shortcomings became all too apparent. But I think extra time between the first film and the sequel will serve to let people forget its massive flaws and get excited about it again.


Well, I may not be as excited for a sequel right now as I was when I walked out of a theater in December 2009, but I'm still very interested in seeing a new James Cameron motion picture which is always an event. I doubt Cameron is going to make a simple cash-in sequel. I'm expecting a much more complex and ambitious narrative now that the universe and characters are established. But really, the real selling point of Cameron's films have always been the technological innovations and genuinely creative use of special effects in relation to enhancing the story, whether that's the sinking of Titanic or building an entire planet and alien culture. The guy is a wizard.


Speak for yourself!!! I will NEVER become uninterested in this one. If I could create a planet myself I would make it just like Pandora only without all the animals being vicious. They would all be herbivores so there would be virtually no fear on the planet except for the possible every day mishaps of life. The mind melds between man & animal and everything else would still be the same. My dream.


Sure the first one looked great but was a colossal bore. The only thing that interests me about the sequels is the budget and box office (which will probably be totally depressing).

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