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Saorise Ronan Discusses Auditioning For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ As A Possible Jedi

Saorise Ronan Discusses Auditioning For 'Star Wars: Episode 7' As A Possible Jedi

We’re at the stage of “Star Wars: Episode 7” where we have to assemble a very crude understanding of the upcoming movie based on Internet speculation, carefully phrased quotes, rumors and more which is to say: we know nothing. But after a while, certain things begin to stick and build steam, while others slip away, and if we would hazard an outside guess, the next installment might feature a youthful, potentially ass-kicking female lead. And perhaps be a Jedi as well.

A couple weeks back it was reported that Saoirse Ronan had gone in to read for a role, and she hasn’t taken long to confirm that, cautioning that she’s not the only one, while sharing some minor details about her audition that should get fans thinking. “Yeah, I did [audition for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’]… I don’t know whether I should have said that now! I mean, everyone did. Everyone has auditioned for it,” she told Empire. “So many people I know have gone in for the part I’ve gone in for, and guys who’ve gone in for a particular part, so I’d imagine J.J. is probably just scanning the earth to find the people that he needs.”

But of course, the more interesting thing is not that she went in, but what she was asked to do. “But nobody has a clue what it’s about, and nobody’s read the script. So I’ve gone in and read for it, but I have to say, I think it’s the only time I’ve ever thought, ‘You know what? Even if I don’t get it, I had so much fun auditioning, pretending to take out a lightsaber – out of a bag, kind of inspect it and not know what it is.’ That was… that was great. A lightsaber! Star Wars!” she said.

Of course, in the “Star Wars”-verse you generally don’t wield a lightsaber unless you’re someone important, and according to casting calls picked up earlier this year by Bleeding Cool, there are two female lead roles that Ronan could fit quite easily, as vaguely described as they are. And there have been rumors of a female lead for a while now.

Anyway, food for though as you head into the weekend. Listen to the full Empire podcast with Ronan below.

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Saorise is so damn talented, it pains me to see her auditioning for crap like a Star Warzz reboot. I want to see a franchise built around JOE WRIGHT'S HANNA. But nooo. that's impossible since J J Abrams and his terrible horrible no good idea to direct a Star Warzz reboot seems like a viable option. You know, this is what sucks about Hollywood. We can't go with original ideas. Yeah, same ol' argument. But HANNA is brilliant. And original stories are great. Why can't we entertain those ideas? Ronan is such a great actress… whoever manages her needs to stop trying to make her a franchise star. THE HOST sucked. Atonement was brilliant. Let's go with original stories. She's great. She's no Lily Collins. She's a true star.


I can see her in Star Wars. Actually, it would be great !!!!

Jar Jar Abrams

"Of course, in the "Star Wars"-verse you generally don't wield a lightsaber unless you're someone important"

Umm, didn't just about every character wield lightsaber in the prequels? In the 2nd episode the Jedi were fighting some dudes at the arena, there were probably 1000 guys fighting with lightsabers.

mayor of crazy town

I bet they could make a Star Wars movie with complete unknowns and it'd still be a success.


Maybe they were just showing her the latest light saber toy due to go on sale when the movie is released? Maybe it's just a red herring? No point trying to second-guess it. All will be revealed in the next month or so, I imagine.

jervaise brooke hamster

I want to bugger Saoirse Ronan, what a gorgeous little 19 year-old Irish sex-pot that bird is.


Okay, so she probably didn't audition for a role that is the daughter of Luke or Han & Leia. I mean, could any of their children conceivably NOT know what a lightsaber is?

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