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The Guy From ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ & Daniel Day-Lewis Latest Names Rumored For ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’

The Guy From '300: Rise Of An Empire' & Daniel Day-Lewis Latest Names Rumored For 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

There’s no release date, official cast or synopsis just yet, and even with a 2015 release date a bit of a way off, folks can’t stop speculating about “Star Wars: Episode 7.” From old dudes forever clinging to their childhood favorite to kids who don’t know their lightsabres from a Jedi, the franchise has captured the imagination of all ages and Disney are hoping to dream up some brand new bucks from the series. So today, the rumor mill has coughed up a couple new names.

According to Latino Review, Sullivan Stapleton, who will be seen next year in “300: Rise Of An Empire,” has gone in to read for an undetermined part in the film, and has apparently ruffled the feathers of Lucasfilm and Disney execs by blabbing about it. It probably isn’t the right first impression you want to be making for a project that will likely be kept under lock and key for as long as possible. Meanwhile, the site also tweeted: “FREE STAR WARS (maybe) TWITTER SCOOP! Kathleen Kennedy & Lucas had lunch w/DANIEL DAY LEWIS @ Bistro in San Rafael this past Thursday.”

Of course, lunch could just be lunch but given the company, one would imagine that “Star Wars” was perhaps broached over coffee. Unless Lucas wants DDL to star in one of his indie garage movies or has an awesome idea for a CGI-driven “Lincoln” prequel. And oh, one last thing, apparently “this IMAX thing is out of context.” But whatever that means, we’ll have to wait and see.

Until we know more, feel free to ruminate and speculate below.

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If indeed he has been offered anything, there's absolutely no way Daniel Day-Lewis is gonna take the role. I hope I'm wrong because I'd like to see him in movies like this, but he's already turned down SO MANY blockbuster roles that at this point it won't be short of a miracle if he accepts this. And yes, I know that this is Star Wars. But it's also Daniel Day-Lewis we're talking about.

Jar Jar Abrams

I'd like to see how Day-Lewis prepares for the role. My guess is that he's already mastered the force-choke -trick after the first meeting.

That Kid

Day Lewis in a Star Wars movie? Seriously, is that even news?

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