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TNT Greenlights ‘Wake Up Call’ – Starring & Exec Produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

TNT Greenlights 'Wake Up Call' - Starring & Exec Produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

TNT has greenlit a new series starring and executive-produced by DwayneThe Rock Johnson, who most recently headlined TNT’s The Hero

In Wake Up Call (working title), Johnson will lend a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives. 

The Rock will tackle the worst of the worst and make them into the best of the best with his own personal brand of high-octane motivation. From dysfunctional homes and dead-beat dads to sports teams that don’t gel and businesses struggling to survive, The Rock is going to descend into the chaos of everyday problems to pull good people up by the bootstraps, reminding them what hard work, passion and true discipline can accomplish.

TNT has ordered eight one-hour episodes of Wake Up Call, which is being produced by Ben Silverman’s Electus, 5×5 Media and 7 Bucks Entertainment

Wake Up Call is slated to premiere in 2014.

“We had a wonderful time working with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on The Hero, in which he challenged and mentored a group of everyday heroes,” said David Eilenberg, senior vice president, unscripted development for TNT and TBS. “Wake Up Call evolved from our experience on The Hero and is its natural successor, bringing the human spirit of that show home to take on everyday challenges. In this new series, Dwayne will bring his mission of empowerment and change right to people’s front doors.”

The man continues to expand on his global entertainment empire. He’s everywhere!

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Evie Harman

Hello, my names Evie. I want to have my mom on the show Wake Up Call. Shes been through alot, and to most people she id conciderd over weight. Shes aI believe over 220. We are recently homeless, and me her and my twin brother, are having to stay with her friend and her four kids in a single wide trailor. We have moved about four or five times this last year because of her exs. One was phycically abusive and the outher one was mentally. Our whole family has fallen into a depression. I would want to be in this show to hopefully get some help myself, but my mom is more important if it wasnt for her i would have given up on my dreams along time ago. She have two outher kids that are my half brothers. There dad used to hit her. Afyer that she got with my dad who was a drugie. He did things I will not say.. she gets with bad man to try and fix them. She doesnt relize no matter how bad she trys she cant fix everyone.. shes so nice and soo many men and even some of her friends take advanage of her. Shes my best friend and my mom, she sees me through everything.. me and my older brother being in and out of hospitals for being suicidal.. my twin being bullied for having a mental disorder. She puts up with everything.. I just want too see her feel better about herself and for her to relize how much she means to us and thanks to her Im gonna try and fullfill my dream. Please if you guys happen to read this concider my mom, Kari Spring Nelson. My numbers 928. 965 6123. We are staying in Dudleyville arizona in Indian Hills. Thank u for reading this.

D.C. Kirkwood

Congrats to him. Im a big fan. He is everywhere but that doesn't mean he's putting out quality work. The Empire State movie for example was just bad, bad, bad. The plot was week, acting poor, and he looked so tired and worn out in that movie. The Hero TNT show was horrible, predictable, and staged. He had great tv presence and he was a good coach but the concept of the show was executed poorly. His last wrestling match was a sloppy performance. His projects are too close together and they seem very rushed. He needs to take a break. Over saturation and overexposer can also turn fans off and Im getting close myself.

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