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Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Michael Mann’s Stylish 1986 Serial Killer Noir ‘Manhunter’

Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Michael Mann's Stylish 1986 Serial Killer Noir 'Manhunter'

Olson on Noir! kicks off at Trailers from Hell, with screenwriter Josh Olson introducing Michael Mann’s “Manhunter,” the first of the various big-screen Hannibal Lector thrillers, starring Brian Cox as the incarcerated cannibal killer. Tom Noonan is the creepy serial killer at large, and William Petersen the detective on the case.

Before THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS there was Mann’s
stylish Dino de Laurentiis-sponsored Hannibal Lector serial killer movie. Based on the Thomas Harris novel, this underrated initial
film version of the story exists in more various edits than Heinz has ketchup.
TV shows such as Millenium and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation owe a great deal

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