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Watch: Aaron Eckhart Says ‘I, Frankenstein’ In First Trailer For New Version Of The Classic Monster

Watch: Aaron Eckhart Says 'I, Frankenstein' In First Trailer For New Version Of The Classic Monster

Next year finds a few classic movie monsters getting a fresh coat of paint. Warner Bros. will stomp around with their new take on “Godzilla,” Universal is unveiling “Dracula Untold,” and kicking it all off is Lionsgate with “I, Frankenstein.” And we’ll say this, it’s definitely not the same dude with the bolts in his neck, wearing a tattered jacket.

Instead, this one is based on Kevin Grevioux‘s Darkstorm Studios graphic novel, and it’s an amalgam of genres, relocating Frankenstein to a modern-day setting and pitting him against two clans of supernatural creatures who are looking to take over the human world. Aaron Eckhart takes the lead, facing off against a demon prince played by Bill Nighy, with Yvonne Strahovski filling the scientist/probable love interest role. Does it all work? Well, we’ll leave it to you to tell us, but perhaps it’ll help to know that director Stuart Beattie‘s debut film “Tomorrow, When The War Began” was a massive hit in Australia (that said, it’s also basically a limp retread of “Red Dawn“).

Anyway, the verdict will be in on January 24, 2014. Watch below.

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Ugh! Looks as bad as Van Helsing…


Aaron Eckhart continues his descent into crappy B movies… right where he belongs. He is up there with Giamatti and Wright as the worst (working) actor of our generation.


Cannot get over the fact Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster he created, and this gets that wrong.


I will be there for Aaron!


This will be tight! It stays true to the original monster but theres action!

I will see this opening night forsure.


I watched this preview a few times and simply do not understanding all the hate here. Here we have Mary Shelley's creation partnered with 2 unbeleivably solid actors (Aaron Eckhart – Thank You for Smoking, Dark Knight and Bill Nighy – Shawn of the Dead and Underworld). This coupled with gorgeous Caitlin Stasey and Miranda Otto. I personally am excited to see this movie and think it shows true promise as well as originality.

jervaise brooke hamster

Bill Nighy is a bloody load of old rubbish simply because he is British, its a shame this movie had to be besmirched and polluted with his hideous and loathsome presence.


"Wow, this looks so bad. Who thought this would be a-"

"From the producers of UNDERWORLD"

"Oh, ok."


I don't get it–looks fine to me. You think Aaron Eckhart's going to do a lame movie? Think not.


I couldn't watch it beyond the :45 mark. This looks on par with Van Helsing for cheesiness.


Saw this shit previewed at Hall H at Comic Con. As I just said I saw this SHIT.



a) That looks like the worst movie ever made. EVER.

b) The legends are true?! Are they? What legends? The ones in the fictional book? That doesn't make a jot of sense.

c) For gawd's sakes, Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster. C'mon.

d) Can we PLEASE have a moratorium on the line 'this ends tonight!'???

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