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Watch: All 15 Split Diopter Shots in Brian DePalma’s ‘Blow Out’

Watch: All 15 Split Diopter Shots in Brian DePalma's 'Blow Out'

Los Angeles-based film editor Vashi Nedomansky writes about visual effects, low budget filmmaking and editing techniques on his blog. Recently, he wrote about how filmmakers split the focus in a shot by using a split focus diopter, a half convex glass that attaches in front of the camera’s main lens, enabling the lens to focus on something in the background while the diopter captures the foreground. A split diopter creates an illusion of deep focus. Brian DePalma was one of the first American directors to experiment with a split focus diopter. Nedomansky wrote about the director’s use of the split focus diopter, specifically in “Blow Out.” He created a video which features all 15 split diopter shots in the film. Check it out below:

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Robbie Blanco

The statement above is factually inaccurate. Orson Wells used Split focus Lenses for the first time in the movie Citizen Kane, infact Orson Wells was the inventor of this shot and this Lens. Both Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma often reference Orson Well's films and this is just a technique they have copied from him as an omage.

Mathew Collins

I have a doubt. What difference Split Diopter makes, instead using a small focal length lens or high T stop?

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