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Watch: ‘Carrie’ Warns Her Mother In Clip From The Horror Remake Plus New Pics

Watch: 'Carrie' Warns Her Mother In Clip From The Horror Remake Plus New Pics

There are mothers and daughters, and then there is Carrie and Margaret White. With a heady mix of fundamentalist fueled love, the aches of being an outsider in high school and living with telekinetic powers that underscore that freak status, it’s almost all a young teen can take and we’ll see in “Carrie” that this emotional perfect storm can eventually erupt in devastating ways.

Just around the corner, Kimberly Peirce will be dropping her remake of the Brian De Palma classic, based on the novel by Stephen King. And today brings with it another peek at the movie in a new clip, one in which the mother and daughter at the core of this movie are beginning to break apart. With prom night looking, Margaret warns her daughter in her own oddball way that nothing good will come of the evening, while Carrie does everything she can to try and have this one night she figured would never come her way.

Check it out below followed by some new pics from the flick. “Carrie” arrives on October 18th. [IGN/STYD]

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everything about this depresses me

El Hanso

Oh man, this will be bad. Really bad. Bummer, since I like quite a few of the people involved.

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