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Watch: Charles Dickens Has A Secret In Trailer For Ralph Fiennes’ ‘The Invisible Woman’

Watch: Charles Dickens Has A Secret In Trailer For Ralph Fiennes' 'The Invisible Woman'

One of the world’s greatest writers, a torrid affair … the drama writes itself, and certainly that must be what attracted Ralph Fiennes to “The Invisible Woman.” The film got off to a steady if not spectacular start at Venice and Toronto, but Sony Pictures Classics is hoping to build it up to a full head of steam by time it hits theaters in Decembers.

The first trailer has dropped, bringing viewers into the world inhabited by the hugely successful and popular author—played by Fiennes, who also directs—though his personal life is far from stellar. Though married, he begins a relationship with an admirer (Felicity Jones) and naturally, all kinds of complications arise. But reviewing the movie out of Telluride earlier this year, we thought it was well put together, but somewhat dramatically familiar, writing: “…once the film establishes that these two kept their affair going on that same middle ground for years (13, to be exact, though you’d have to look that up), it’s hard to find that much tragedy in their plight or sense of loss for a great love thwarted.”

Still, these are two actors we’d watch in anything and you can see them for yourself when “The Invisible Woman” opens on December 25th.

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oogle monster

Why can't The Playlist make Felicity Jones happen like they tried to make J. Law, Lizzie Olsen or the horrible Rooney Mara happen? Jones is destined to be a star and she has more screen presence than Mara and all her (bland) competitors combined and then some. The girl is brilliant and made Chuck Bass in whatever that god awful Netflix-worthy movie seem somewhat charming. Can we just make her happen and get on with it? I'd like her to be the next big thing and actually fulfill promise… kthanxplaylist!


Felicity looks awful as a blonde. She's definitely someone who should stay brunette. Joanna Scanlan is a fantastic actress. I hope her role is juicy. I'll be interested to see what they do with her as Catherine Dickens. Will they try to make her unsympathetic to sell the affair as romantic? Dickens treated his wife very poorly once he tired of her.


It looks great! I love Felicity!

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