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Watch Episode 1 Of Issa Rae-Produced Supernatural Web Series ‘Anansi’ Starring ‘A’ From ABG

Watch Episode 1 Of Issa Rae-Produced Supernatural Web Series 'Anansi' Starring 'A' From ABG

Here’s something different from Issa Rae Productions

Since the phenomenal success of her web seriesThe Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl (ABG) I don’t have to tell you that black web series productions have seen a significant increase, with everybody trying to grab onto the same brass ring.

And it was also only a matter of time before someone involved with ABG launched their very own web series.

The first episode of a new web series called Anansi, from Andrew
Allan James
, who played the role of “A” in Awkward Black Girl, has debuted.

James describes Anansi as a “supernatural drama utilizing
Caribbean/African mythology, revolving around a young loner who struggles to fit
in, despite a family curse
unknowing of the creature he transforms into.

He adds further that his series will “explore themes of acceptance, alienation, purpose and self-discovery.

Watch episode 1 of Anansi below, titled Spiderling:

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Waaay too long for the nothing that takes place in the episode. We didn't need to see him shower or spend 3 real time minutes watching him sketch.

Weird, low energy performance from Andrew and abysmal acting from the prostitute. I'm not sure she's even heard of a street walker before. I don't get it.

Working stiff

So this is what gay men think its like being straight.

hidden producer

someone from this production must have given her an orgasm. logrolling at it's finest. ahh that's entertainment!


Love the concept and want to root for this, but that was a LONG and uneventful 13 minutes.


I really want this to win but ummm

13 min is too long for only ~6 min of story. Too draggy/superfluous scenes
Why did the crack head have the biggest part


Uhmmm… this is terrible.

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