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Watch: Kurt Loder on Why George Clooney’s ‘Confessions of A Dangerous Mind’ Is The Greatest Movie Ever Made

Watch: Kurt Loder on Why George Clooney's 'Confessions of A Dangerous Mind' Is The Greatest Movie Ever Made

You probably don’t remember George Clooney’s directorial debut, “Confessions of A Dangerous Mind” because it wasn’t in theaters long. “Miramax decided to put it out on December 31, 2002, the worst possible time to put out a movie. It bombed,” Kurt Loder says in this video, which is part of Vanity Fair’s digital series, “The Snob’s Dictionary.”

In the video, Loder, a journalist and former MTV host, talks about why the film is an overlooked classic, which he considers to be “the greatest movie ever made.” The movie features Sam Rockwell in a riveting performance as Chuck Barris, the game show host who insisted that he was also a CIA hit man. Loder says that “Sam Rockwell captures the cheesy vitality of Chuck Barris” and even goes on to suggest that “the camera angles in ‘Confessions of A Dangerous Mind’ are as inventive as ‘The Third Man.'”

“Confessions of A Dangerous Mind” also has some impressive credits, aside from Clooney (who also acts). Charlie Kaufman wrote the screenplay to the film, which also features Drew Barrymore, Michael Cera, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Were you one of the few people who has actually seen the film? Do you agree with his reassessment? Watch the video below:

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Saw CONFESSIONS the other night on ThisTV. It really does hold up pretty well. Don't know if I'd call it the "greatest" anything, but it deserves more attention, and reappraisal.

IMHO, the movie got sunk by its sheer WTF-ness. Clooney's direction is fine, but a viewer has got to be comfortable with a story where Barris' fantasy life as an assassin isn't any stranger than his fantastical life as a TV producer and assassin of culture. You've got to be able to roll with the idea that it's ALL a put-on — one that is often played straight faced, like it's for real.

IMHO, a lot of people just can't handle batshit crazy and deadpan, at the same time.

Might make for a good double feature with ADAPTATION.

Reini Urban

Great movie, phantastic story and script, but not the greatest one. Top 20.
I'm constantly reminded on the Gong Show and the CIA parts.


Saw this one in theaters, and this is probably the Charlie Kaufman-scripted film I've re-watched the most. I know he hated what Clooney did to his script, but I respectfully disagree. It's visually inventive, musically vibrant, with career-best performances from Rockwell and Barrymore and a fantastic deadpan character from Clooney, who, up to this point, has not best this, his directorial debut. In fact, I think I'll go watch it again now, love this one.


I always list this among my favorites… I remember sitting in the cinema by myself and being astounded at the blocking and staging and camera movements and in-camera edits of multiple scenes/sequences and thinking "holy s***, Clooney can f**kin direct!" Belongs side by side with "Being John Malkovich" and "Eternal Sunshine.." in Charlie Kaufman's oeuvre. Such a slept on movie and one of the best American films of the 2000s.


Loder was NOT "one of the original MTV VJs" and wasn't even on the network at the start. Rather, he was a Rolling Stone writer who became the face of MTV News, providing music news briefs.

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