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Watch: Liam Neeson Uses His Special ‘Taken’ Skills On A Plane In Trailer For ‘Non-Stop’

Watch: Liam Neeson Uses His Special 'Taken' Skills On A Plane In Trailer For 'Non-Stop'

Is Liam Neeson even trying anymore? His movie scripts these days seem to be Mad Libs: One man must face [insert adversary] using his special set of skills or else [insert threat]. From vague ethnic groups in “Taken” to wolves in “The Grey” to something we can’t remember in “Unknown,” Neeson has been punching and kicking his way into a steady string of mediocre box office hits. That’s right America, “Non-Stop” is your fault.

The first trailer for the thriller is here, and it’s hard to tell if it’s being serious or is some elaborate parody of Liam Neeson movies. From eye-rolling visual tics like text messages on the screen, this movie rolls out every dumb cliché there is. From an unseen villain asking (via text), “Do I have your attention now”? to a literal ticking bomb to a frame-up to the old “I’m going to keep killing people unless….,” we can’t believe this needed two screenwriters to write (and it can’t have taken them more than an afternoon).

Jaume Collet-Serra directs this slop, though if there’s one silver lining, it’s hipster-nerd-babe Julianne Moore (see below) who we’d date in a second. “Non-Stop” takes off on February 28th.

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Kevin, just let it the f#ck go. We all know you're way cooler than this movie.

Jack Trudeau

Whoa whoa whoa, have you seen The Grey? Has no business on that list of "lazy action movies". I know it's easier to throw it in there to fill out your list. But give credit where it's due. Also, what's wrong with 'Late Era Liam Neeson: Bonafide Action Star'? It's kinda awesome actually. He's earned the right to have some silly fun. It may not be for you or me, but if people are enjoying these silly movies, what's the problem here? This movie doesn't presume to be anything other than what it most likely is – a mindless Friday night at the movies. And who better to spend such a movie with than Liam F-ing Neeson.


Oh come on – this looks like good dumb fun.


Promise me zero gravity Neeson shootouts and I'm there 110% of the time

That Kid

The cast is actually pretty strong (including 12 years a slave stand out Lupita Nyong'o) so I'm hoping they can elevate this just above "Taken-with-wings"

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