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Watch: Martin Scorsese’s Rare 1990 Giorgio Armani Documentary ‘Made In Milan’

Watch: Martin Scorsese's Rare 1990 Giorgio Armani Documentary 'Made In Milan'

While nearly every pocket of Martin Scorsese‘s career has been well-documented and is available to view in some form or another, the filmmaking legend still has some corners of his work that are a bit more difficult to seek out. But thanks to the age of the interwebs, one of his one off projects that currently isn’t available on home video can now be streamed, that is until some copyright thug decides to take it town.

Made In Milan” is a 1990 documentary short by Scorsese about fashion maven Giorgio Armani. The 20-minute film, penned by Jay Cocks (“Gangs Of New York,” “The Age Of Innocence,” “Mean Streets“), was produced by the mogul’s fashion company and explores the history and philosophy of Armani before capping off with the man at work at a fashion show.

This project is just one part of an ongoing partnership between Armani and Scorsese. The company is one of the backers behind the director’s World Cinema Foundation. For his part, Scorsese even directed an ad for Armani. And we’ve included it below along with the complete “Made In Milan.” [via Styleite]

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I would question a movie funded by Giorgio Armani about Giorgio Armani.

But I would also question Scorsese selling the fucccck out here! What a dumb fuccccking commerical! You really going to devote all that time and energy to an ad that has a woman upset with a man after she sees that he's cheated on her (or at least duped her and told her that that he wasn't married). Wow look how controlling and batshit crazy she looks! Then after the man spills his "manly" cologne she smells it and suddenly his philandering takes a backseat to her reclaimed desire. Then a bad corny close-up on the word MAN before it zooms out and shows ARMANI. Basically it's saying, it's alright to cheat guys as long as you stay the consummate "man" with Armani cologne. Oh yeah and by the way, those women who are so batshit crazy paranoid about you being unfaithful? Once they smell that you're a "man" their pussssy will get so wet for you just like pavlov's dogs. This is just a blatant gross sell-out. Martin Scorsese should be ashamed of himself.

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