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WATCH: Meet Walter Blanco in Trailer for ‘Breaking Bad’ Spanish-Language Remake

WATCH: Meet Walter Blanco in Trailer for 'Breaking Bad' Spanish-Language Remake

Colombia has taken note of the intense popularity of AMC’s recently wrapped “Breaking Bad,” and come up with their own Spanish-language remake of the show. Titled “Metastasis,” the Colombian series features a lead character named — drumroll, please — Walter Blanco. Yes, really.

Diego Trujillo plays chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook Blanco, with Roberto Urbina playing the Jesse Pinkman role (here named Jose), and Sandra Reyes playing Cielo (this would be their version of Skyler White, Walter’s wife).

The trailer for the series has a laughable voiceover, and we have to second the Playlist’s observation that it generally comes off as more of an SNL parody than a remake to rival the original. Take a look for yourselves, below.

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Looks interesting

I agree. If the show can introduce the politics of drug culture within Columbia this show could be really interesting. Hopefully they do their own take on the story as opposed to recreating the American version episode by episode. Beth sounds a little patronizing. Lame.


Walter Blanco does not sound like an unusual name for a Colombian male. Often Colombian names consist of an Anglo-Saxon first name paired with a Hispanic or Latin surname. And yes Blanco is a pretty common surname in Colombia. The voiceover sounds terrible but it's also not part of the show. Considering the drug history in Colombia, this would be interesting to check out.

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