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Watch: The Trailer for New HBO Series ‘Getting On’ Looks for Laughs in a Geriatric Ward

Watch: The Trailer for New HBO Series 'Getting On' Looks for Laughs in a Geriatric Ward

Some HBO series roll out with much fanfare, but upcoming comedy “Getting On” is looking to get a quieter premiere on the premium network. A remake of the British series of the same name set in the geriatric wing of a hospital, the American “Getting On” will kick off a six-episode season on Sunday, November 24th at 10pm. The half-hour series comes from “Big Love” creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer and stars Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein and Niecy Nash, with Miguel Arteta directing the pilot. The just-released trailer for the series, below, suggests it follows closely in the steps of the UK original in look and feel.

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no name

I work with residents and I want to tell you what they come out you can't help but laugh. I'm a hairstylist and work in many geriatric units, everyone who works there is a boss just like the show. I've been called every name in the book. I have worked on these units for 16 years. The stories unbelievable. I wish you great success with your show.


Oh dear. Depite the brilliant Laurie Metcalf I think the US may once again have missed the whole point of the original Brithish series. The trailer makes it seem like a slapstick comedy whereas the original, with the equally brilliant Jo Brand, was unique in its mixture of quiet despair and black comedy. It was dark and gloomy and grimly, awkwardly funny. I'm guessing this might succeed in the US but why not just create a new show and leave the original for the classic it will become.

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