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What Can The Title Of Spike Lee’s Kickstarter-Funded Joint Tell Us About The Film’s Plot?

What Can The Title Of Spike Lee's Kickstarter-Funded Joint Tell Us About The Film's Plot?

Principal photography for Spike Lee’s Kickstarter-funded “blood addiction” flick has officially wrapped (on October 11), and based on the above slate which Spike shared on his Instagram page, the film apparently will be called Da Blood Of Jesus

I’d heard and read that title elsewhere previously, but I wasn’t certain that it was indeed the real deal, and didn’t want to report on it until I actually heard or read it from Spike himself. 

But it looks like it was revealed even earlier, and we just missed the news. So, if you didn’t know before today, now you know!

Let the speculation thus begin, based on all the information we have about the film currently…

Unless we just missed it as well (although my research returned nothing) the film’s plot is still being kept a secret. Spike has given us a few clues since the project was first announced – specifically, that the film will focus on human beings addicted to blood (although it’s not a vampire movie), and that there’ll be lots of nudity.

He’s emphasized the need for secrecy, because, apparently, the element of surprise is necessary for audiences to appropriately enjoy and appreciate the film, so we may never know eactly what the film is really about until we see it. Although I’m sure, along the way, as the film goes into post-production, more and more about the story it tells will be revealed. 

I’d expect a cryptic first trailer.

But with a title like Da Blood Of Jesus, could it be another religion-themed film for Spike, like Red Hook Summer was? And given that, as he’s said, the story will center on people who are addicted to blood, is it indeed “da blood of Jesus” that they are addicted to? And what does that further suggest about the story, which, by the way, he also says will have lots of nudity?

Or is the title more allegorical, metaphorical, or figurative, and has nothing to do with what it explicitly announces?

I’m sensing another controversial, polarizing Spike Lee joint here, especially if it seemingly might be, in any way, another critique of the church – specifically, the black church.
Or could it be a sequel or prequel to Spike’s 1998 drama He Got Game? Remember the character played by Ray Allen was named Jesus Shuttlesworth. Likely not, but you never know, do ya?
Or is it a remake of Spencer Williams’ 1941 “race film The Blood of Jesus?
Or it could be that the current title won’t actually be the title he uses when the film makes its official debut, whenever that will be.
What are your thoughts on all this?

Spike raised just over $1.4 million to make the film, which boasts Michael K. WilliamsStephen Tyrone Williams (the film’s male lead) and Zaraah Abrahams (the film’s leading lady), as cast members.

Also, Raphael Saadiq will compose the film’s soundtrack.

Spike’s next directorial effort, Oldboy, will be released by FilmDistrict on November 27.

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Dunno about the rest of you but I`m a little tired of all this ambiguity. Just tell us what it`s about already. After the disaster that was, Red Hook Summer, he owes his fans at least that.


You know its two ways to spell Jesus its probably…Da Blood of Jes`us. Anyway, I don't care how its spelled or pronounced, I glad he got the movie funded and completed, just like any movie. One will never know the plot before they see it.

Da Spellin PoPo

Good to see spike still keeping his spelling "real". Pass the remote.


This film is going to be a remake of Ganja and Hess…you heard it here first and I want credit when it comes true


No speculation from me, just nice to see two Morehouse Men making it happen!

blah, blah

I'm putting money on this being an adaptation of Tananarive Due's My Soul to Keep, which is literally a black vamp-like story about an man that was 400 year old immortal, who became immortal because of the blood of Jesus…if I am remembering the plot correctly.

Black Sun Tzu

From all I've read thus far on the project, I can securely say this: there will be a guy named Jesus in it. And there will be Da Blood, which could well be the name of another character in it. Or the character's name is just Da (pronounced duh!) and the blood is something else. Bottom line is you never know what Spike is up to these days. LNSOL!

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