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What Does Women and Hollywood Mean To You?

What Does Women and Hollywood Mean To You?

I wanted to share with you the news that I am going to be one of this year’s recipients of the Susan B. Anthony award this Wednesday night from the NYC chapter of the National Organization for Women.  It’s a true honor and is quite humbling because I am able to do something that I love that actually makes a difference.  

I am the lucky one because I get to write and edit this blog, and program the Athena Film Festival and that I get to talk to so many of you about these issues that I am so passionate about.

As I put together my remarks for this week I would love to have some thoughts and comments from you, the people who read this site, to share with the audience.

So I am asking: what does Women and Hollywood mean to you?  You can leave your thoughts in the comments or email them to me at

Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it. 

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When I directed my first feature film in Barcelona, I remember many long nights at 3 a.m. working away on the endless emails, overwhelmed, exhausted, and I would find a moment to check on this blog, read a paragraph or two about all of those inspiring women (directors, writers, producers, actresses) who helped pave this path before me. Because I often felt like a very small person, off on my own to command this huge ship, but Women and Hollywood was a daily reminder than I am not alone.


"In a world… where women directors are largely ignored… where you're hired to write a Lifetime movie or a rom-com, or not hired at all… one columnist reports on the progress of women in a male dominated industry. One blogger stood up in the wilderness… Women and Hollywood!"

Congratulations and THANK YOU!


Congratulations. You so deserve the honor. What you are doing here is valuable because it focuses on the important issue of women's control of and representation in the media.


Art should reflect the wide and wonderful world we live in. Women in Hollywood means I have greater knowledge of people a range of people telling great stories, and people who are geared towards telling complex stories about people like me and people I might never have known.

Women In Hollywood give me hope that one day I can read a Hollywood blog and no gender qualifier will be required.


Women and Hollywood is a champion: for female writers, directors, and film goers. I appreciate how you call out the harmful bullshit and work to increase the visibility of female artists. As a female screenwriter, I'm thankful to have journalists like you working to shepherd in a new phase Hollywood where women have a fighting chance.

S. Kessie

Women and Hollywood to me is like that mum who constantly provides encouragement and reminds you not to give up hope in the journey to become a storyteller and filmmaker. To have a place to read about other female filmmakers who do not allow the idea of filmmaking being a 'boys only club' hold them back, drives me to work my behind off, follow my instincts, and have a belief in myself, because they show and PROVE that it IS possible.

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