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Which Of These Rumored ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Titles Do You Like? ‘Return Of The Sith’ Or ‘Rise Of The Jedi’

Which Of These Rumored 'Star Wars: Episode 7' Titles Do You Like? 'Return Of The Sith' Or 'Rise Of The Jedi'

Another day, another morsel of “Star Wars” rumors, which is basically how it’s going to go until 2015, so just deal with it. So what do we have today? How about the actual name of “Star Wars: Episode 7“?

If you’ve been around the interwebs the last few days, you’ve likely seen the “news” that George Lucas had been working on the treatments for the “Star Wars” sequel before the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. But, that knowledge has been out there for a while. Last fall, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo revealed during a press conference following the sale that, “What we’re buying, along with the overall company, is a pretty extensive and detailed treatment for what would be the next three movies. The trilogy.” And apparently, they included titles.

Latino Review is reporting today that the rumored working titles for ‘Episode 7’ were/are “Return of the Sith” and “Rise of the Jedi.” Thoughts? They’re both kinda in the same mold as past names, but also kinda bland at the same time, though we suppose “Rise of the Jedi” has a bit more zing to it. Of course, whether or not either of these wind up as the final name remains to be seen, though as long as it’s not “Star Wars Into Darkness,” that’s fine by us.

Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan has confirmed earlier reports he auditioned for the sequel. “I mean, everybody’s going in on this project. They’re trying to figure out what they want,” he told Associated Press (and no he didn’t wield a lightsaber). “That’s another incredible franchise. It’s pretty crazy! … We’ll see how it happens. I don’t know how I can do everything.”

Thoughts? Let us know below.

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I hear it might be labeled "The Ancient Fear".


Neither really. So it's going to be: Sith, Hope, Empire, Jedi, Sith/Jedi? Nah, I would not like that at all.

Dan Arminio

I'd love to see a 3-way villany/neautral character team up following the re-birth of the Republic. A combination of the Zahn series along with the old Marvel Comics sub-plots. 3 villans: who team up, turn on each other, ect. Villains: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Baron Tagge and the Tagge Family (age wise, they could still be around, but make them slightly younger then expected (mid 50's) and a Sith Lord (half alien, Hunter, cyborg, Predator weaponry plus Sith skills of course Darth Sabbath, (frozen in carbonite and banished underground of the cave on Dagobah, emanating a Dark side presence when nearby and surrounded by Ysalamiri to hide his presence from offworld Jedi and Sith "That place is strong with the Dark Side of the Force") by Vader before A New Hope when trying to replace him as the Emperor's right hand man, Sabbath and Tagge share a wanting of vengeance on the deceased Vader for disfiguring them hey just sayin….


Star Wars Episode VII: Some Epic Shit


Alex you're saying return of the jedi only sounds acceptable to motivate four year old kids? And also i think it's stupid to think what initials they shouldn't use or should. It should reflect the story itself


First of all, I have Abrams and Co. on a greater esteem, I know you can't possibly consider using: "Return" or "Rise". Those are mediocre titles that only sound acceptable to motivate four year old kids. You should have left starting the title with an "R" for Episode IX.

alex jadielAlex Jadiel

Please don't repeat titles. That willl make the Saga decay. Forget the words Jedi or Sith. That is for the originals. Mark a new start up point. How about:

Disney. Kathleen Kennedy. J.J. Abrams. Michael Arndt. Whoever is in charge. Please! Don't repeat them.

John M

A Great Disturbance


"Sith" was in the title of the last film.. so it must be the Jedi title.

Wampa Clown

My sources say it's going to be Star Wars: Secret of the Whills.

This is an obvious reference to the Ancient Order of the Whills, a mysterious group of record keepers in the Galaxy that were the original idea behind the Force when Lucas was penning the first film.

Davo of Oz

Jedi Strikes Sith for a New Phantom Clone

Davo of Oz

Legacy of the Midichlorians


I think it should called A New Order, because there is a new Jedi order and i think the title should be somewhat similar to the other movies. But I don't think Return or Revenge should be in the title. Episode 6 has Return in it and the most recently made Star Wars movie has revenge in it. Other good titles would be Rise of the Jedi or The Sith Strike Back.
Episode VIII- The Phantom Returns (Darth Maul comes back)
Episode IX- The Final Sith (I also think the ghost of Vader should somehow help them defeat the Sith so that he fulfills the prophecy of the Chosen One)

The origin movies should be made about Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda.
If they make more movies than this they should all be before TPM. Maybe the first Jedi-Sith war.


The Phantom Menace 2: Electric Boogaloo



Danny Duignan

NO REPEATING WORDS (Except ones that don't mean shit; the, of and a).

Words that CANNOT be used by any new Star Wars Roman-Numeral Episodes;
Phantom, Clones, Sith, Hope, Empire, Jedi, Menace, Attack, Revenge, New, Strikes, Back, Return.

old Ben

Prequels started with 3 words for TPM……then 4 for AOTC and again 4 for ROTS
Original trilogy…..3 for ANH……then again 4 TESB and again 4 for ROTJ.

As said before ROTJ and rots already used.
Being the first of a sequel trilogy,3 words seems likely to keep with tradition,no reference to sith/Jedi or revenge/return until the last one.
I'd hazard a guess with it being about the chiss/palpatine clones. Episode VII……….The emperor reborn……The new republic…..New Jedi Order……a new/old threat? (Chiss/palps)?


The title should probably be 3 words…both previous trilogies had 3 word titles for the first film…A New Hope and The Phantom Menace.

Also, Rise of the Jedi and Return of the Sith are just WAY too similar to previous titles and share the same initials as Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. Toss those aside.

Furthermore, A New Dawn shares two of the three words with A New Hope..again, it is just too similar.

The title should probably have three words like the previous first installment of each trilogy and should represent a brave new galaxy with links to the past.

The Jedi Academy has potential to be a title, since it seems that Luke training future Jedi will be part of the plot. It is simple and straightforward though obviously taken directly from the books.

Knights of the Republic works, since that is exactly what the Jedi are…just drop the "Old" part.

Other suggestions, depending on the plot of course… (both of which are partially or completely lifted from book titles as well by me)

Echo of the Empire
Legacy of the Force

I still think a three word title would be best. Whatever they call it, if they slip any easter eggs into the movie, I'm on the lookout for a box of Admiral Ackbar cereal.


Star Wars Episode VII: Lets Not Even Bother


Star Wars ~ Episode VII ~ A New Dawn


Star Wars ~ Episode VII ~ Rise of the Republic


neither…….. too many movies out there with the name of Rise, Revenge, Return, etc… Star Wars needs their own identity……. to me it should be called " Knights Of A New Dawn "…… i know Dawn has been heard before, but not as much as the others… plus it makes sense as these are the Knights of Jedi and Sith in the new age…. after 30 years of peace, the new dawn is the begininng of the new age of the sith return for one last time to rule the galaxy, and the chosen one is among these young Jedi in this new triology…..


rise of the jedi sounds good but is abit too basic im a hardcore collector and die hard fans of starwars everyday i been reading starwars books i prefer THE NEW JEDI ORDER will be much better all the true heroes are the member of this group name like mara jade skywalker ben skywalker jaina solo anakin solo and jacen solo luke skywalker is the founder of this order so he will taking yoda's place to train the new generations and rebuild the new jedi temple as it will come

Wampa Clown

They will not use a title that has the same initials as Return of the Jedi.

justin blades

I think a good title would be something like "champions of the force"


Luke will become a Sith. He gave in to the darkside the moment he attempted to kill the emperor and was even more corrupted after Vader threatened his sister. Leia will be a Jedi where as Luke will fall into darkness, take over his father's empire, and it will be a gruesome sibling rivalry over the fate of the galaxy.


I'll just put this out there, the movie will obviously be about the Jedi, & if any enemy it would either be the Imperial Remnant controlled by a Sith, similar to the originals or the return of the Sith themselves. Glad that's put aside, & for a title I would rather Rise of the Jedi. I'd like to see Luke starting the New Order when some familiar enemy returns to destroy what he's built. PERSONALLY, i think A NEW DAWN was a better rumor. That title keeps us in suspense until the movies release. Rise of the Jedi is a good title no doubt, a good nod to Return of the Jedi as well. Though A New Dawn is as well, and like i said, there's the suspense. You can spoil what the movie is about but if its called Rise of the Jedi, don't that tell us it's a victorious end? So yeah, A New Dawn. Give us spoilers but we'll still have the question, who will prevail in the end of the movie & who will it be a New Dawn for?

William Parcell

Rise of the Jedi sounds good, I wouldn't mind seeing a Star Wars film without any Sith, perhaps introduce another villain group into the series.

Davo of Oz

Episode VII: War In Peace, even though the galaxy is at peace they go to war because there are too many bounty hunters around.
Episode VII: Assault Of The Gungans: because everyone wants to see more Gungans.
Episode IX: The Droid Who Would Be King, let me explain. The original three are about Luke going from farmboy to hero. The first six are about the rise, fall and redemption of Anakan. The entire nine should be about how R2-D2 witnesses the, shall we call them, 'meat-beings' fight to imprison the galaxy (PT), then fight to free the galaxy (OT), and fight for some other reason (ep 7 & 8). He finally rises above his programming and realises what we all new all along. He builds him self into a new giant super weapon, R2-Death Star, and unites all the droids against their oppressors. Droids, kitchen appliances and communicators kill their owners and all meat-beings etc. It's an allegory for modern appliances. The meat-heroes launch a final assault on R2-DS but find out too late that he has installed a fence around the reactor core. All the meats are destroyed.

The final scene is a ruined city with R2-DS in the sky like the moon. A Wall-E type robot is cleaning up. He sees a cockroach and zaps it because he doesn't want it to evolve. Pan up to the stars, words appear. "… and there was piece forever more."

I think this would be good because it ties all nine films together and would help a lot of people get over their Star Wars fixation.


return of the sith sounds better


Wel whats the plot about? That should help decide the name

Star Warts

Eternal Sunshine of the Padawan Mind
Sithpocalypse NOW!
Clear & Present Anger
Tuesdays with Boba
Leia's Choice
Dawn of the Ewoks
Night of the Living Hutts

Marcus Strong 85

How bout this "Star Wars VII: Evil Never Dies" ?


star more. beld heaping dard stars. Episode Seventeen: Girls Are Such A Drag.

Ray H

Neither, please. The initials ROTJ and ROTS already belong to previous entries. How they heck will the internet differentiate between them?

Aidan Williams

Rise of the Jedi

Rise of the Return

Jedi of the Sith.


I'm surprised it isn't "something something Dark Side".

Star Wars – Dark Side Rises into the Darkness – Episode XIII: The Dark World.

Dan S

How about "Rise of the Planet of the Jedi?"


both are bland


Does it have to be about Jedi vs. Sith again? Isn't that story finished? Can't they just have the few remaining Jedi (Luke and his kids) and new villains?

The first film didn't even mention sith at all, Darth Vader was just a henchman and imperial officers even dissed Vader's childish religion.

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