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Will Smith Will Relive The Worst Day Of His Life w/ One Key Caveat, In ‘Selling Time’

Will Smith Will Relive The Worst Day Of His Life w/ One Key Caveat, In 'Selling Time'

Currently shooting Warner Bros’ con-man/woman film Focus, Will Smith has lined up yet another project (his IMDBPro page is loaded with upcoming titles) – this one from 20th Century Fox, titled Selling Time, according to The Wrap.

Described as a supernatural thriller, Selling Time centers on a man who makes a Faustian bargain of sorts, giving up 7 years of his life expectancy in exchange for reliving the worst day of his life.
No other details on plot are public at this time, but my guess is that, in reliving the worst day of his life, he attempts to solve whatever it is that made that day the worst of his life, and he probably will get to relive it repeatedly, each time attempting to fix whatever the problem is, but not entirely, while gathering enough information to carry into the next time he gets to relive the day over – information that he’ll use to put him even closer to solving the problem (or problems). The one caveat being that, each time he relives the day, he loses 7 years of life expectancy. So could it be that by the time he eventually solves whatever the problem is, he will have used up his remaining life expectancy, and then dies?
My imagination is running wild right now…
Dan McDermott (former DreamWorks Television president) will rewrite a script that he originally wrote, and that The Wrap says was touched by a number of other writers, including, interestingly, Spike Lee
Davis Entertainment is producing what has apparently been a project long in development.

Recently-announced Will Smith projects include the Hurricane Katrina-set drama titled The American Can, which Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) was being courted to direct, from a script penned by both John Lee Hancock; There’s also a thriller titled The Accountant, which he was eyeing, with Mel Gibson previously said to be attached to direct.

Of course he’s busy behind the camera as well, producing the Annie musical reboot, and the new Queen Latifah Show.

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If your guess of the plot is right, then I liked this movie better when it was called "Groundhog Day".


I have watched one of Will's film The Pursuit of Happiness which has moved me a lot. The film has taught many people how to be a good father. It has also taught me how to over come difficulties. His new fillm——selling time seemes to be a very interesting one. Many writers have written many novels about selling time for the best day of life. However, this one is opposite. I wonder why we will use 7 years for the worst day of our life. Now I may understand , it means that we can find solution to meet our own difficulties.

Monique a Williams

Sounds good! Go Big Willy!


This sounds a lot like the upcoming Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow. Except the part about the 7 years. Interesting though…

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