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50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination: Why It Was Only Lee Harvey Oswald Who Shot President Kennedy (VIDEO)

50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination: Why It Was Only Lee Harvey Oswald Who Shot President Kennedy (VIDEO)

Must admit: There was a period during my high school days
when I was at least slightly agnostic while weighing the official verdict of
the Warren Commission against all the alternative explanations and
conspiracies. But that was a long time ago. Today I believe, as I have believed
for decades, that it was Lee Harvey Oswald, and only Lee Harvey Oswald, who
fired the shots that changed the world on Nov. 22, 1963.

Yes, I know there are many people — some of them apparently
quite reasonable and intelligent, and doubtless worthy of respect — who believe
otherwise. They believe that some group or groups of nefarious individuals — rogue CIA operatives, Castro-directed hit men, agents of the
military-industrial complex, whatever — colluded to plot and commit the crime
of the 20th century, perhaps with, but more likely without, Oswald serving as
either willing participant or luckless patsy.

But I seriously doubt any conspiracy of the size and sort
that such an enterprise would have required could have remained a secret this
long. To be blunt, if not crass: By now, somebody, anybody, involved in such a
conspiracy surely would have popped up on Fox News or MSNBC or the New York
Times Best Seller List or all of the above. If, of course, that conspiracy
actually existed.

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Lots of people who were gonna testify turned up dead. The rest involved were members of the investigation unit. I'm not saying Oswald didn't do it. But you gotta admit, even if he was a lone nut, there are weird coincidences.

Conspiracy nut

Just as there are those of us that are uncomfortable with the notion that a little loser like this could have changed history with some lucky shots, there are those of you who are uncomfortable with the notion that their own government could be involved in deposing an elected leader. People in the U.S. don't want to believe that they live in a banana boat republic whose government was overthrown in a coup d'etat that day in Dealey Plaza, so they embrace the official story of Oswald as lone assassin. I'm not a reliable or objective observer because I'm biased in favor of conspiracy theories. The lone-nutters need to admit their biases also. In Norman Mailer's case, his ego dictated that Oswald HAD to have committed this world-shattering act in order to justify being the subject of Mailer's book. If Oswald remained a "patsy," he wouldn't have been a worthy subject for Mailer to devote a book to.



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