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A Spike Lee, Tyler Perry Collaboration? Lee Says They Might Work Together. But On What?

A Spike Lee, Tyler Perry Collaboration? Lee Says They Might Work Together. But On What?

Two or three years ago, during one of our S&A podcasts (which will return soon by the way), when Tyler Perry and Spike Lee were feuding, I teased that a day would come, sooner than we might think, when both filmmakers will team up and work together on a project. 

We all had a good laugh about it, and as I recall, some of you chimed in, saying that hell would probably freeze over first before that union happens.

Well, I wouldn’t rush to put money down on that bet just yet because, Spike revealed to Oprah Winfrey, during an all-new episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter last Sunday, that, it’s practically a love-fest now between he and Perry, after he visited Tyler’s house, and they talked, and have apparently set aside their differences and become the best of friends.

During his conversation with Oprah, which I haven’t watched in full, but seen a few clips from (although I hear it was a great watch), Spike also shared that he and Tyler might actually work together some day.

One day we might work together,” was his exact quote; and he wasn’t teasing or being facetious either. 

While Tyler Perry was busy dishing out quotes like “Spike Lee can go to hell” during a 60 Minutes interview 3 years ago or so, when I joked about them potentially working together, I added that I could envision a collaboration that would have Tyler Perry producing and Spike Lee writing and directing. Or maybe even vice-versa. Or Spike could direct Tyler Perry in a Spike Lee joint. There are some possibilities. 

Although their styles differ so much that I couldn’t immediately see them co-directing a film together, unless it’s maybe an anthology work.

Or how about this: Spike, Tyler AND Oprah collaborate on a project.

What might a Spike/Tyler collab look like to you? Story (maybe an adaptation of a novel or an original script) & cast; Also who would write, direct, produce, etc…

But it’s good that they’ve squashed their previous beef, and it’s nothing but love right now it seems.


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oooh kill em


In other words:
Spike needs some money….


"We have no drama, no friction… and one day we might work together" ~ Spike Lee on his relationship with Tyler Perry

Hmmm… I don't know about y'all… but when I heard those words and saw the look on Spike's face when he was fighting to find the best politically correct lingo-jingle to appease all viewers, I was reminded of some Republicans on the hill and their "relationship" with President Obama. Now, the following is how those conversations proceed when the mics are turned off.

The setup: Two Republican congressmen have just left a meeting with the press. In the meeting (lying through their teeth) they expressed a heartfelt desire to work with the black president. However, when they returned back to their private chambers, the following conversation ensued.

WHITE CONGRESSMAN FROM MISSISSIPPI: "I am so sick and tired of this Al Green "lets stay together" bullsh*t. I wish we could go back to the good ol days when we could call negros "nigg*rs" and everyone would cheer"

WHITE CONGRESSMAN FROM NEW YORK: "Be quiet before someone hears you. We can't say what's really on our mind anymore. Hell, with all this new technology someone could be recording our conversation"

WCFNew York: "Wait a minute, do you have a wire on you? I know you're itching for my seat, but would you go that low?"

WCFMISSISSIPPI: "Look, I have as little love for the black man as you do, but their are those who would take your power and thus your life, if they heard you say that racist sh*t"

WCFNewYork: "Did you say they would take my wife? Because if you did, they can have that scank. I just found out she is one of those who fell for that "lets stay together" and "there's no difference between black and white" bullsh*t.

WCFMississippi: "What… don't tell me she's thinking about voting Democrat?"

WCFNewYork: "Thinking about my ass… she has been sleeping with the black butler!"

WCFMississippi: "NO!?"

WCFNewYork: "YES!"

WCFMississipi: "Hell NO!"

WCFNewYork: "Hell yes-sir-she-did. Well, I didn't actually "see" her giving away my honey pot, but… while I was suppose to be away on a trip, I came back a little early… and I couldn't believe what I heard coming from our apartment"

WCFMississippi: " Don't tell me you heard soul music?"

WCFNewYork: "No fool, I heard my wife screaming "Keep hope alive… do me baby… the butler is doin' it… OH LORD… my mandingo, my mandingo, do me baby!".

WCFMississippi: "No?"

WCFNewYork: "You really are a dumb country bumpkin aren't you? Do you think I'd make up some sh*t like that? Hell, that would be as ridiculous as Spike Lee saying him and Tyler Perry are planning on working together".

WCFMississippi: "Yeah, Tyler and Spike working together is like gasoline and fire in a brown bottle… KA-BOOM!

WCFNewYork: "So tell me, have you been recording our conversation?"

WCFMississippi: "Record our conversation? Are you kidding me… everyone already knows you have a nasty woman… except you…. and, I hate that black nigg*r president as much as you do, but there's no way I'd want anyone to know what's really on my mind."

The two men shake hands as they depart for their next meeting with the press. Before leaving they put on their (fake) smiley faces and rainbow pins to show their (fake) support for the gay movement.

Joe Realism

There's NO movie happening, nothing. This is just Spike being diplomatic in an interview. (Occasionally he does that.)

Joseph Marshall Parnell

I like the fact that Spike and Tyler "might work together". This is definately a win/win situation. I look at the collaboration between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as an example of two powerhouse writer/directors teaming up to produce great, crowd-pleasing films. I am looking forward to whatever may come of this partnership.

DRES tha BEATnik

Has anyone confirmed this from Tyler Perry. While I understand hearing from Mr. Lee about this it takes at least 2 to collaborate even if "Potentially" so where's the follow-up journalism asking to get a comment from Mr. Perry? Anyone?… Anyone? #BUELLER… #BUELLER… #BUELLER!!!


Hopefully, this is one of those things you hear about, but it never happens.


tumbled across this article like "WHHHAAAT?!"

I'm glad they are reconciling their differences. I'd like to see how a Lee-Perry movie will go down. I mean, Perry is more relevant today, and can bring great comedy to a movie. Lee can add structure and potentially stir up some controversy (as he said he is the instigator) and I know two heads could make one great film. I'd love to see a narrative on it. I'm glad that Lee went to his house to know him on a personal level.

I feel like a lot of people loved Tyler Perry's films until Spike said something about it and realized, "Wow, Tyler Perry really IS creating stereotypes of us!" Which is some cases could be true that he captures more of a mainstream depiction of us, but it's entertaining and fun, and still are good stories.

I love both Spike Lee and Tyler Perry. Hope they get to work soon.


Finally, two brothers in power positions in the film industry coming together. It would be big if they did because they could finance an distribute the movie themselves. Spike and Tyler together have enough power and clout to cut out the middleman and go directly to the people.


I enjoyed the interview. Was surprise they did not talk about the Kickstarter campaign. I was always taught that you never burn bridges, I am glad he decided to mend this bridge. I can see them working on a documentary together. I think people grew to love the drama between them both because they can't stand TP. Whether you like TP or not that's your issue but he keeps AA working and seats filled. Spike is so talented, yet underrated, and TP is able to get the $$$ and has a studio…this is what its all about helping one another.

Dankwa Brooks

From my experience here at S&A in the comments section and online like Facebook & Twitter it's THE PEOPLE that seemed to stir stuff up about Perry and Lee.

Invariably when the article/discussion is ONLY about one man, the other man's name is thrown into the fray.

I even pointed out to Tambay about an essay Spike put on his company blog titled "No Feud" (If you search my name and that title you should find it).

People love drama and much like the never ending Biggie/2Pac debate love pitting people in the media against each other. Misery loves company indeed.


Tyler has a studio and Spike Lee has the talent. I would enjoy watching Madea's Family Lynching. Kill that character off and stop with the black man in a dress mess.


Finally, a possible collaboration that makes sense. Perry has a studio and infrastructure, and Lee has talent and discography. I away felt that it was really in poor taste for Lee to bash Perry in public especially after he made the atrocious Red Hook Summer.


My heart sings. I love when black folk unite and create beautiful things together. #believe #change #yeswecan

that dude

On surface, it could work…each has an talent the other lacks…or rather, an ability the other seems to despise. Spike has artistic ambition, and Tyler likes entertaining audiences. But to get the best out of each other, egos would have to be set aside.


TP at $400 million and SL at $40 million, maybe they will finance their own project together and get something done- haters on both sides will still dislike…


I would love if between them they adapted Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison's books.

Spike Lee could direct, Tyler seems to be good at getting Black actors and Oprah could produce and maybe play a role.


Thing is, there was never really a BEEF. Spike criticized Tyler's work (not Tyler the man) and in return Tyler threw a hissy fit. Glad Ms. Perry calmed down.

Kojak's Wig

Maybe between the two of them they can make a good movie. Zing! Thank you, folks.

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