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‘Aquaman’ Is A “Priority” For DC Comics; Stan Lee Bringing Yet Another Superhero To The Big Screen

'Aquaman' Is A "Priority" For DC Comics; Stan Lee Bringing Yet Another Superhero To The Big Screen

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any superhero movie news, or even any more weekends between now and 2024 without a superhero flick scheduled for release…comes news of two more spandex-scented projects (sort of).


First off, spectacular Stan Lee, nearing 91 years of age and still showing up in every single Marvel movie, has found a bit of time between cameos to come up with a whole new character. The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Lee, along with ex-Marvel Studios head and “The Amazing Spider-Man” producer Avi Arad, is working up a new film, though they’re refusing to give out any details on the character, the plot or even the title. They’re meeting with writers, though, so if you want to work with ol’ Stan himself, now’s your chance.

Meantime, Marvel’s great rivals DC would like you to know that they have just as many awesome movies just waiting to be made, yes sirree. Which is why DC Chief Entertainment Officer Geoff Johns sat down with Variety this week to talk up…Aquaman. Yes, the talks-to-fish guy. Technically he’s the mighty King of Atlantis, with obligatory grim DC backstory involving the loss of a hand and a child, but to almost everyone he’s still the guy in spangly swimming gear who likes to shoot the breeze with pufferfish.

But there’s Johns, calling him “a priority character for the company” and speculating about how, “We are finding new areas in the ocean every day. It’s as alien as going to outer space.” (Loose translation: “Call me, James Cameron!”). While the article points out how silly Batman and Superman have been at one time or another, they’re self-evidently now characters who are intentionally, obviously being written to counter the pop-cultural stereotype of them. Whereas Aquaman recently had a scene in his ongoing monthly comic (written by Johns) where he made a scene in a restaurant by defiantly ordering and eating fish and chips. Badass. (No, really, see it here, and then read the piece, which will explain the problem far better than I will).

But of course, Johns stops short of officially announcing anything. DC still doesn’t have anything on their plate beyond the Superman/Batman movie, a Flash one, and a very, very vague plan to maybe follow that with some kind of Justice League flick, in which Aquaman might conceivably play a part (see our summer piece on their plans right here). Even then, we imagine Aquaman would take a backseat to the various bigger character problems DC would have for that movie: getting Wonder Woman off the ground, rebooting Green Lantern, persuading Ben Affleck to stick around, and all the rest. Anyway, can Aquaman cut it in today’s superhero climate? Tell us below.

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Michael Foster

New 52 Aquaman -is- a complete hardass. Aquaman does better as an all around skills character (strength, telekinesis, underwater super-speed, and in the new adaption, mental possession of even the kraken), but more importantly, his wife, Mera, completes him. Aside from adding a more relatable plot (love story/Ryan gosling as aquaman?) she controls water to the extent of pulling the necessary-to-live water out of a person.


He could work, but they would have to really, really work on him. A character who rarely worked when written, I think Aquaman has the potential to be a bad a$$. I think DC comics and any movie should just scrap the whole talking or controlling sea critters all together. I know they had at one point made him a powerful telepath that could even control humans, but it doesn't really fit. He doesn't need to control sea creatures. I say the biggest baddest sea creature crosses the ocean before crossing paths with the baddest dude in the sea, the king of the ocean. They bow down but do are not controlled, because thats stupid. Make him strong, durable, agile, with superhuman reflexes. Give him the hand to hand combat mastery that would make Batman jealous. Give him the trident and the ability of hydrokinesis. Give him the willingness to fight and tenactiy like Wolverine and the indomitabtle will of spiderman. Give him a bit of character and you got yourself a marketable superhero.

Dino Kokkinidis

Talking Dolphins!!! Could be fun.


It may be possible to make an Aquaman film. As a HUGE fan of DC Comics… I am sick and tired of watching a Superman/Batman Origin film. WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE ALREADY!!! At this point I'll take an Aquaman movie. Make anything that's not a Superman or Batman film.

I'm not looking forward to watching an Origin film of Aquaman either. They should do what they have done in the New Man of Steel film; started off in the middle and had occasional flash back scenes.

I dunno…


Absolutely, Aquaman is an awesome superhero and totally deserves his own movie. There is a great world with him filled with intriguing characters and history. I'm down with seeing an Aquaman movie especially if it's at all like his New 52 title.

Max Mouse

Sheesh Aquaman sucks… pretty much why nobody wants to make a movie about him in the first place…

Luis Berini

It's Marvel Comic stuff. It's not suposed to be dark. Wait, has Kevin Smith has something to say about it?


If something as downright silly and cheesy as Thor can be turned into a mindless, crappy action franchise, then why not, I guess?


Of course he can. He's an awesome superhero with an amazingly rich world to cull from. There are many fans of Aquaman out there. Especially from Hawaii lol

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