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bell hooks, Melissa Harris-Perry On ’12 Years A Slave,’ ‘Beasts Of The Southern Wild,’ Much More…

bell hooks, Melissa Harris-Perry On '12 Years A Slave,' 'Beasts Of The Southern Wild,' Much More...

The conversation is ongoing, live, right now, as of the time of this post. So if you’re coming to this *late*, you’ve missed some (or all) of it. Although I’m sure it’ll probably be available for you to watch in full immediately afterward – hopefully. 

The New School is hosting its scholar-in-residence, bell hooks, and MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry in conversation – from 3:30-5pm EST. The talk is titled “Black Female Voices: bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry on black womanhood, politics, media, love.

With that, I’ll shut up and let you dive right in:

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Thank you for the upload. Great points I love what Hooks says about sentimentality and melodrama like The Help and The Butler. I love Hooks critique of Solomon (12 YAS) after 38:00. She's right on point. I still love 12 YAS :)) Great discussion.
not angry, but passionate black woman :))

Ameenah R.

That was amazing and such a great treat!! Lots of amazing power in that room! Thank you for posting this!


Thank you for posting this! People, share this with everyone you know!


Thank you for posting this video or I would have completely missed this. I plan to read that essay that bell hooks wrote on Lean In, I'm very interested in reading what her thoughts are on this. I don't know what Black female writer hasn't at some point been referred to as either difficult and/or angry. It's sort of a rite of passage if you're actually writing ideas outside of the dominant power structure.

Lots of furtive discussion though. I'm glad I watched (admittedly, I'm doing a lot more reading than watching these days).


Watched this the other day. It's remarkable.

Kia Barbee

Notice no comments. That unfortunate because this dialogue needs to occur more often on intellectual level. Thank you for sharing.


I don't have cable so I hanven't had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Harris-Perry until now. Thanks for sharing, because I'm now a fan. I also watched "Beasts" and was completely mortified and disappointed in its portrayal of the little girl/Hushpuppy and the environment she existed in. I'm pretty sure I would feel that way no matter who wrote or directed the film.

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