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Chi McBride Promoted To Series Regular On CBS’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Chi McBride Promoted To Series Regular On CBS' 'Hawaii Five-0'

Chi McBride has been promoted to series regular on CBS’ action-drama series Hawaii Five-0

McBride plays Captain Lou Grover, a character who first appeared in the Season 4 premiere this fall. 
The Capt. has moved with his family from Chicago to Oahu, and is now head of the S.W.A.T. team on the island. 
“After his first guest spot, we knew we had something special here with Chi playing Captain Lou Grover,” Hawaii Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov said in a statement. “He just fit seamlessly into the fabric of Hawaii Five-0 and viewers are enjoying the spirited, if sometimes antagonistic, interaction between him and McGarrett. We are so thrilled to welcome Chi into our Ohana.” 
Chi McBride added, “I know this sounds corny but the only thing I ever wanted in my career was to be on CBS, the home of my idol Jackie Gleason… CBS graciously invited me to be a member of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 and it’s been wonderful. The cast, crew and production have been so welcoming to me, and so my love affair with CBS continues.” 
Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS. 
It’s one of those series I tried, but just never got sucked into, so I’m not a regular. But maybe you are, and are excited by this news.
Good for Chi McBride though.

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I used to like you chi… in boston public. then today you yelled at me b/c i took a picture of a malinois in between takes. not of the set or actors but of a cool dog. you made a scene and sent every producer and security guard demanding to see my cell phone. one producer said "let me see your cell phone and ill be your best friend." chi, dont flatter yourself. i didnt even know you were in the show. then i pointed and said whos that asshole? you were confirmed. i no longer like you because you're a diva. (prior to this chi was petting the dog and making loud ace ventura pet noises to it. ugaboo ujaboojaboo… i think he thought i was getting that and didnt want to seem less of a man.)


I had no idea that he had joined the show. He has lost some weight too.


Glad Chi is getting paid, but can't wait for him to be back on a show I care to watch. A lot of people I like are on or have been on Hawaii 5-0 but it stopped being ridiculous and fun and started taking itself too seriously and I can't stomach another episode.


Although I'm not big on crime procedurals, I'll probably take a peek. I know he's done many other projects, but I recently checked out "Pushing Daisies" online, and he had great comedy chops.

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