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Evan Rachel Wood Calls Out the MPAA for Sex Scene Double Standards on Deleted ‘Charlie Countryman’ Scene

Evan Rachel Wood Calls Out the MPAA for Sex Scene Double Standards on Deleted 'Charlie Countryman' Scene

Actress Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter after she saw the latest cut of her new film “Charlie Countryman,” which was released two weeks ago.  The new cut, which received an R rating from the MPAA, does not include parts of a love scene in which Shia Labeouf’s character performs oral sex on Wood’s character.  The Twitter rant was broken up with ellipses and was posted Wednesday evening (though she corrected the grammar and reposted some of the posts Thanksgiving morning).  Here it is in its entirety:

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Ms Woods, seems to forget performing oral sex on a female is considered RAPE as per Feminists and a certain University in Ohio despite the fact, the female victim at the time of the encounter NEVER indicated any distress. However, after the incident was depicted ironically on "FILM" it's R-A-P-E and the legal system sprang into action. Sorry Ms Woods the MPAA perhaps was SCARED of being part of "RAPE Culture" and bowing to FEMINISTS!!!


Evan Rachael, I disagree with you on one point. I get off as much as my girlfriend when I preform cunnilingus on her. Yum :)


"Accept that grown women are sexual beings,"

I don't think a deletion of s sex scene is denying such a fact, Rachel.

Mark Hampton

Brown Bunny is ok, but feigning cunnilingus in an action film isn't?

I actually enjoy giving my wife oral pleasure, and she gets off better than the usual way.

Are Rob Ford and I the only ones who understand that giving a woman oral pleasure is oftentimes the best way of making them happy? And when they are happy, we are VERY happy. Most men are morons sometimes…


Oh give me a break. We are talking about a movie that was very poorly reviewed. Who cares how it was rated? And spare us the lectures on feminism by an actress who offers herself up for exploitation by any male with the money and clout to make a movie. I guess she's saying that she wasn't exploited enough?


I'm glad to see that the MPAA have issued a response


I think it's ridiculous that violence is basically ignored but sexuality is consistently censored. Ask yourself – which is worse?


watch This Film Is Not Rated (2006) – The MPAA is made up of concerned mommies and daddies, not people that know anything about film. They are unmoderated, offer no appeal to their ratings and bully/threaten distributors into giving them the cut they want.

Sounds like we should cut them.

Michael Allen

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would agree, as I do.

Joe H.

lol. I wouldda enjoyed to see that scene :P

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