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‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ & ‘House Of Cards’ Helmer James Foley Climbs On ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Homage/Remake

'Glengarry Glen Ross' & 'House Of Cards' Helmer James Foley Climbs On 'Jacob's Ladder' Homage/Remake

So, what’s the difference between a remake and an homage? In this case, we’re still not quite sure, but we’ll have to see how closely the redo of Adrian Lyne‘s 1990 cult fave “Jacob’s Ladder” sticks to the original. After all, it is using the same title …

Anyway, after first being announced this summer, the project has taken another step forward by hiring James Foley to direct. Wait, who? Well, he’s best known for helming “Glengarry Glen Ross” and episodes of “House Of Cards,” and in general, for dramatic and thriller work (like “Fear” starring Mark Wahlberg). So we guess he’s a good choice here, even though he’s not the most showy of filmmakers. 

While the original film starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam veteran suffering from nightmarish hallucinations who loses his grip on reality as he tries to uncover the source of these visions, The Wrap says this version will feature “new situations and characters, though it will pose similar existential questions regarding life, death, reality and perception.” The script is by “Midnight Meat Train” writer Jeff Buhler, and we suppose we’re curious though still puzzled if they are taking everything in a new direction with different characters, why they still need to riff on the original title.

No word yet on when it might film but it seems things are continuing to push along.

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harry georgatos

James Foley is a standard filmmaker with hit and misses. He did a stinker with Maddona and made four good films with RECKLESS and CONFIDENCE, and he did a terrific film with Sean Penn and Christopher Walken along with GLEN GARY GLEN ROSS. His other films have been major disappointments. I would have gone either with Scorcese or Brian De Palma. The sensibility of TAXI DRIVER will be perfectly suited for a dark and disturbing JACOB'S LADDER. On the other hand Brian De Palma has the visual technique to make this into a helluva nightmarish roller coaster. The other director I would go for is Park Chan Wook who made the ultimate masterpieces in OLDBOY and THIRST.


Bleah… Lack of originality in Hollywood means yet another fine film from the past will be raped for a cash-grab.


Usually they hire someone much younger for a job like this. Odd that they chose James Foley who basically started making feature films the same time as Adrian Lyne.

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