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‘Gravity’s Companion Short, ‘Aningaaq,’ Finally Hits the Web

'Gravity's Companion Short, 'Aningaaq,' Finally Hits the Web

Six weeks ago, Criticwire wrote about Aningnaaq, the companion short film to Gravity, which screened at a handful of film festivals but seem destined to see wide release only on its blockbuster cousin’s Blu-ray. But with Aningaaq now officially in the running for the Academy Awards’ Live-Action short category, Warner Bros’ has rethought its strategy and released the film on the web via the Hollywood Reporter’s website, which means we can finally see (and understand) the other end of Sandra Bullock’s lost-in-space distress call.

The Reporter also features a few details on Aningaaq‘s creation, but the best behind-the-scenes account is Kristopher Tapley’s at HitFix, which recounts how Jonas Cuaron, the 31-year-old son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron (and co-author of Gravity‘s script) took a small budget from Warner Home Video and turned it into a lyrical earthbound counterpart to the larger films meditations on life and death. Now that Aningaaq is finally out, you can save Neil Young’s lengthy account of the short for after you’ve seen it, but it’s still a fine and passionate analysis, even if the need for its comprehensive plot summary has thankfully evaporated.

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Many many thanks for this great collection. I like this because I have strong passion for short films. Specially I like animated films. I want to make high quality 3d/2d animated short films.
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Sorry but as in GRAVITY, a "meditation" on life and death can only result in a gaping at life and death, devoid of any real depth, glossy and pretty things distracting us from lines so thin they shoulda floated away




It's good to see the power that a short film can deliver. Glad Warner's decided to release this.

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