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Indiewire’s Ultimate Guide to Transmedia

Indiewire's Ultimate Guide to Transmedia

Filmmakers and artists have been exploring transmedia, or new ways to tell stories in innovative and immersive ways using different platforms and new technology. As filmmakers experiment with transmedia storytelling, they continue to look to Indiewire for resources on
the best practices and tips for creating transmedia projects.

Even though transmedia is still in its early stages, Indiewire has already gathered quite a bit on the topic, and we’ve got a list of our
essential reading below.  Feel free to bookmark this page; we’ll keep it
updated when we publish new articles that are essential reads for those wanting to know more about the space.


Before Jumping on the Transmedia Bandwagon: The Four Ways to Approach Transmedia Storytelling

In this excerpt from “A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling,” author Andrea Phillips charts the transmedia landscape, explaining what areas have already been carved out.

The 9 Things Ever Interactive Media Producer Should Think About Before Creating

Anthony Kaufman talks to Tribeca Film Institute’s Ingrid Kopp as well as storytellers like Julia Reichert and Sean Flynn to develop a list of considerations for transmedia artists. 

3 Lessons for Storytellers from ‘Power to the Pixel’ and Why ‘Transmedia’ Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

From the Power to the Pixel Summit in the UK, some reminders on how to keep it real with transmedia.

The 15 Things I’ve Learned about Transmedia Storytelling

The director of all things digital at the Tribeca Film Institute, Ingrid Kopp, shares 15 of the things she’s learned in her years in the space.

Here are the 5 Things that Make a Good Transmedia Project 

Jeff Gomez, whose work in transmedia is mostly on the branding side, shares his thoughts on how we can evaluate transmedia projects.

5 Elements of Transmedia Storytelling in Infographic Form

For those of us who are less inclined to read, here are the five elements of transmedia storytelling, in infographic form.

Transmedia Documentaries are Sexy, But Who’s Watching?

In Anthony Kaufman’s comprehensive piece, he answers the audience question for transmedia storytelling:  Is there an audience?


Indiewire Influencer: Lance Weiler

Earlier this year, Indiewire profiled some of the biggest names in indie film.  Making the list was one of the industry’s biggest transmedia presences: Lance Weiler.

Transmedia Storyteller Katerina Cizek Has Just Outdone Herself, with Help from the New York Times

The filmmaker behind the “High Rise” series of transmedia projects, Kat Cizek, has outdone herself with her latest, “A Short History of the Highrise.”

Transmedia Fans Arcade Fire Release New Short Film/Music Video ‘Just A Reflektor’

Throughout their career, Arcade Fire has embraced transmedia approaches to music videos.  Their recent video is awesome.

Check out ‘The Empire Project,’ An Interactive Documentary Making its Premiere at the NYFF Convergence

As part of the New York Film Festival’s Convergence program, we take a look at “The Empire Project.”

‘Cloud Chamber’ from Denmark Invites Users Into ‘Science Noir’ Transmedia World

The Danish Film Institute’s ambitious “Cloud Chamber” project is hard to explain, but impressive once you immerse yourself.

Now Here’s How to Do Immersive Storytelling

“Door Into the Dark” at Sheffield Doc/Fest is truly immersive storytelling in that you become part of the “narrative” and must rely on all of your senses (except sight and taste) to find your way. 

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Christian Fonnesbech

Hi Robert Pratten,

I know you and I can't resist the bait you just laid out. You are using the traditional and IMO very narrow definition of transmedia. Transmedia is a bigger term than that – it has room for other kinds of formats than those who ask the users to hop between different media channels. Bringing different media types together and forging a narrative out of them can also be transmedia.


"As filmmakers experiment with transmedia storytelling, they continue to look to Indiewire for resources on the best practices and tips for creating transmedia projects."

Was this a bullet from an outline accidentally left in as a sentence? Or pure narcissism?


Brilliant and helpful article…linkbait is good!

Siobhan O'Flynn

You might want to check out our transmedia resource website – designed with filmmakers in mind:

Robert pratten

With the exception of Lance, the examples you've given are not transmedia – they are interactive websites. Your "ultimate guide" is really just link bait :(

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