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Khandi Alexander Will Play Olivia Pope’s Mother On ‘Scandal’

Khandi Alexander Will Play Olivia Pope's Mother On 'Scandal'

She’s not the name that some of you have expressed interest in seeing play Olivia Pope’s mother on Scandal (that honor goes to Angela Bassett), but Khandi Alexander will assume that role for at least one episode of the hit ABC drama, starting this Thursday.

The veteran award-winning actress/choreographer/dancer is known for her long running roles on TremeCSI: Miami, Newsradio, and ER, as well as for her compelling work on HBO’s The Corner, and in films like CB4, Menace II Society, Poetic Justice, and Sugar Hill
Her Scandal character’s name will be Maya Lewis. It’ll be a recurring role. 
Should we expect fireworks?
Scandal, created by Shonda Rhimes, starring Kerry Washington, airs on Thursday nights, at 10pm, on ABC. The series is enjoying its best season ever, in terms of ratings.
Also, look for Alexander in the upcoming fourth and FINAL season of Treme, which premieres SundayDecember 1st at 9pm, only on HBO.  

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She is an amazing actress. Incredible talent.



haw are you


I think that was a Excellent choice! She is a very good actress. When she is acting she's so believable. I always look at CSI Miami, I think does a great job. They don't show her very much since she No longer work in the lab. Keep the good work up Khandi Alexander.


Khandi Alexander – EXCELLENT CHOICE for #MamaPope – Fantastic Actor! Been a fan since Newsradio!


Yes!!! Love, Love Khandi Alexander!! She is who I will be looking for when my film goes to the big screens!!!


WHAAAAT!?!?! YAAAAS! Loves her! She's gorge.
I had a feeling the whole "Olivia's mom died on board a plane ordered by the President to take down" was a bit suspect.
Unless they are only going to introduce us to her in flashbacks…


I think she will do a good job. I don't believe she is dead, I think Eli made her disappear like he tried to make Olivia do in past episodes. You never know with Scandal!!


But is the mother really dead? That may be one of the twists that "Scandal" is famous for.


Khandi is gorgeous. She was awesome on Newsradio with Phil Hartman!


I like the choice…don't even know her work that well…but as someone said…they may only show her in the PAST and cast someone totally different in the present…and I still hope it is not one of the take over typecast types like Angela and Lynn (although if she was with #daddypope she would probably need one of those personalities) Tamara Tunie…hmmm I didn't think of her…but ok…yeah I can see that…


Don't know why I never considered Khandi for this role. SPOT ON!


Angela Bassett would of been a stronger fit for the type of woman O is. Don't care what Khandi did, I can't get CB4 out of my head now, lol.
Congratulations to her for landing the role.


Great choice, I'm so excited – have been a fan of Khandi's work since her ER days!


I prefer Lynn Whitfield, but okay way to go Khandi!!!


I love Khandi but would prefer to see the lovely and amazing Tamara Tunie in that role


Congrats to Khandi Alexander, a fine actor.


Great Choice….she got enough sass, ass and class for this role

B. Kensey

Excellent choice! This sister can act!!!



Wig snatching approved. I'm here for this. Maybe Phylicia Rashad can play her grandmama. And I'll ugly cry. I'm here for all the reading.

la esquina

she's a good choice. but why would you spoil the surprise of her mother being introduced on the show?


I love it! Good for her!


I didn't initially think of her, but I think she will be a great choice.

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