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Lawsuits At High Noon: Lynne Ramsay Sued Over ‘Jane Got A Gun,’ Suit Alleges She Was Drunk & Dangerous On Set

Lawsuits At High Noon: Lynne Ramsay Sued Over 'Jane Got A Gun,' Suit Alleges She Was Drunk & Dangerous On Set

While Lynne Ramsay‘s exit from “Jane Got A Gun” earlier this year, followed by some casting switcheroos, was no doubt a headache for all involved, the focus at the time seemed to be on getting the picture made. Producers quickly snared Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior,” “Pride & Glory“) to take over and the movie was shot this summer without incident. But of course, the whole story about what went down before cameras rolled has yet to be told. For her part, Ramsay has remained mum about those events, though reports suggested she was battling for final cut, however a new lawsuit suggests her behavior on the movie was far from professional.

Producers are taking Ramsay to federal court, looking to get back the $500,000 she was paid to polish Brian Duffield‘s script (which she apparently never did) and direct the movie (which obviously, didn’t happen). But as always, there’s more. The suit contends Ramsay “was repeatedly under the influence of alcohol, was abusive to members of the cast and crew and was generally disruptive…[she also] failed to adhere to proper safety protocol for handling weapons on set, when she pointed a prop gun directly at a camera and, in turn, at the camera crew before first taking proper precautions.”

So, in short, they are painting Ramsay as a boozy, weapons-wielding nut and now people want money because, Hollywood. But as always, the truth in these cases is usually far more boring (we hope), but if they want the money back they paid her, plus damages for breach of contract and whatnot, we suppose a juicy story will help that cause. So the drama continues for the Natalie Portman-starring Western, with the vengeance tale of the movie at this moment seemingly unable to match the real life battle going on behind-the-scenes. [HitFix]

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So do they know the movie will suck and are trying to deflect blame? It isn't a good sign when they go through three leading actors.


If you've read any of the reports from the set, it is obvious Natalie's behavior is what caused all those people to bail on the movie.

Alan B

I thought it was common knowledge that Ramsay is a drunk.


Sucks cause her movies are great

Pastor pete

I would do a little more digging before asserting that the post-Ramsey production went off without incident.


My friend works for the company that produced this film, and he told me that Ramsey was drunk, disruptive, and frequently had breakdowns during pre production on this, and throughout the making of We Need To Talk About Kevin. Also because of her pulling out of directing duties on the first day of filming the company had to drastically downsize causing most employees to go part time, like my friend, or quit.

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