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critics is for movies as ornithology for the birds. by the way, catch-22 is a horrible book. repetitive, unfunny, absent-minded and boring.

James Knuttel

Hi, Leonard. Here are two topics that I would like to see you discuss on your YouTube webcasts:

1) Recently I watched PARKLAND, which dealt with the JFK assassination, and Alfred Hitchcock’s THE WRONG MAN, which told the story of a man (Henry Fonda) wrongly accused of committing armed robberies. Although they dealt with true-life incidents and depicted real-life people, the credits to both films state that all the characters are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Is this a faux pas on the filmmakers’ part, or is it some legal necessity?

2) If you remember our time up at Lone Pine you may recall that I told you about a certain actress that I was very fond of. (To protect her privacy, I will refrain from mentioning her name here.) Over the past few days I have been exchanging email messages with this actress and she mentioned that she is bothered by the fact that the Internet Movie Database has incorrect information about her – notably that her birthplace and birth date are wrong (they list her as being ten years older than her real age). I have attempted to change this information but the Internet Movie Database rejects my corrections. They placed the incorrect information on their web site without this lady’s consent. To me this seems like an unethical practice, especially since age discrimination is rampant in the entertainment industry (and other industries as well). Care to offer an opinion?


mike schlesinger

God, I loved "Freakazoid!" The WB never figured out what it was and booted it all over the schedule before finally dropping it. (At least they released it on DVD.) I envy your participation in this underrated jewel.

Ricky Kennedy

I have a couple of questions regarding your ratings, the James Bond film series, and Indiana Jones.

You awarded the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, four stars in your latest movie guide. Previous Bond films Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Octopussy were all rated three and a half stars. Do you consider Skyfall to be the best film in the series and superior to those films including the classic Connery ones?

Now the Indiana Jones question. When Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull first appeared in you movie guide it was awarded 3 and a half stars. The next year it was downgraded to three stars, where it has remained. Was this simply a mistake or did you go back and reevaluate the film? I personally find the film to be very underrated so it's nice to see the film has your support.

Also are there any other films where your opinion has changed over time and you revised the rating?

Thanks for reading.


I am glad you mentioned The Way Way Back, Mud, and Place Beyond the Pines. They are my 3 favorite films of the year so far. How has Rockwell not been nominated before? He is possibly my favorite actor.

Another movie I really enjoyed, which went straight to On Demand, which was a wonderful film, was Frozen Ground with Nicolas Cage and John Cusack. I am wondering if you have seen that? If so, what are your thoughts? It's to bad it didn't reach a wider audience

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